Rosberg: I wouldn't go to Ferrari hoping to win a Title

Rosberg: I wouldn’t go to Ferrari hoping to win a Title

Nico Rosberg, the 2016 Formula 1 Champion, said he would join Ferrari if he chooses to make a comeback, but wouldn’t do that with the hope of winning a Title.

The German was asked about the situation at Ferrari after Mattie Binotto submitted his resignation from his duties as Ferrari team principal, the top management accepting it without even identifying a replacement.

But retired F1 driver Nico Rosberg claims that will not be an easy task to replace the Swiss-born Italian, as there aren’t many qualified candidates out there able to lead the sport’s most famous team.

“That is one of the most difficult jobs in the world”, Rosberg believes. “It will be tough for Ferrari, because it’s not like there are many people on the market that are up to the job.

“That role is complicated everywhere, much more there because you have incredible pressure. Let’s see what solution they find,” he added.

The German also questioned Ferrari’s decision to let Binotto go, as that means a discontinuity at the helm, he asked: “Is it right to change?

“I don’t know, but I know that continuity is a value in Formula 1,” he insisted. “Mercedes and Red Bull have not changed most of the key people for ten years. That’s what Ferrari lacks. Being a team principal is one of the hardest jobs in the world.”

You can’t expect to win a Title with Ferrari

With some rumours claiming Alfa Romeo boss Frederic Vasseur may be the Scuderia’s choice to replace Binotto, that raised questions about the Frenchman’s modus operandi should he take on the job, especially with his former history with Charles Leclerc.

Rosberg feels Vasseur – in case he joins Ferrari – would be wrong to back Leclerc as a number one driver over Carlos Sainz.

“That is certainly not the key to the change that is needed. He must do as in 2022, leave them free to race,” Rosberg advised.

Rosberg picked which team he would choose to join should he decide to make a comeback to F1; he said: “If I were a driver and I could choose the team in which to race, I would go to Red Bull, to be on the safe side.

“Or to Ferrari because I never had this opportunity during my F1 career and Ferrari will always have a unique charm and because it’s the historical red team,” he added.

However the 37-year-old delivered a damning statement about Ferrari saying: “I wouldn’t go there hoping to win the title.”

Rosberg retired just days after winning his first and only Title in 2016 driving for Mercedes, after 11 years of racing in F1 – four with Williams and seven with Mercedes.