Horner: In all fairness, Binotto did a very good job

Horner: In all fairness, Binotto did a very good job

Christian Horner gave credit to outgoing Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto, insisting the latter did a very good job building a great car for the Scuderia.

Mattia Binotto resigned from his post as Ferrari boss back in November, as the fabled Formula 1 team now enters the 2023 season without a leader as its top management are yet to assign a replacement.

Binotto’s resignation, or the push for it, came on the back of disappointing season when Ferrari failed to capitalize on their early advantage with their impressive F1-75, the 2022 F1 car that was arguably the fastest on the grid early on.

While Ferrari suffered from reliability problems, operational and driver errors, Red Bull survived early season reliability problems to develop their RB18 into a beast of a car securing the F1 Title double with a few races to go in the season.

Difficult for Binotto to resign

Speaking ahead of the FIA prize giving gala which he attended last Friday, to pick up his Red Bull’s Constructors’ Championship trophy, Christian Horner was asked about Binotto’s resignation.

“I think, in all fairness to Mattia, he did a very good job in producing a very competitive car and engine for Ferrari, certainly this year. Obviously, they had their moments operationally,” Horner said, quoted by

“He committed a long period of his career and life to Ferrari, and I’m sure it must be very difficult for him to leave that team after all of that time,” he pointed out.

“So, of course, a huge pressure in that team, because it’s a national team effectively, as well as an OEM team. And I think that it will now be the sixth team principal that I will sit across the table from, since I’ve been at Red Bull and, obviously, you know, a lot of pressure on that job,” the Red Bull boss maintained.