women dirt bike riders

Women Dirt Bike Riders: What to Wear For Your First Ride

women dirt bike rider

Dirt biking is a fascinating hobby, a thrilling experience and more fun. It’s great to experience the thrill and explore your riding skill.  But it’s also crucial to watch out for safety. As a woman dirt rider are you setting out for your first ride?

If so this is for you. Selecting what women’s motocross gear to include and purchase takes little time. But don’t worry! You will only need a little to spend, not necessarily to go completely at once. Below, we’ve listed only the necessities you’ll need to get out in the dirt, but as you get into the sport, you should start accessorising and adding more gear.

Helmets for riders

For safe biking, the crucial piece of protective gear is your helmet. It would be best if you give extra care while choosing the helmet for your first dirt ride. Don’t wear a worn or old helmet, even though you can get a lower price. Their condition may look great, but a crash or a fall could destroy the inner cover, reducing the strength and protection of the helmet. Women riders should buy helmets of their actual size, and they need to research the quality, comfort and safety features. Once you check all the parameters, you can buy one for yourself.


Socks and boots for leg protection

Boots are the second most important gear that protects your ankle and feet during a crash. Make sure they have the perfect fit and not hurt your toe or fingers. You should be able to lift your ankle less while standing.

Socks: Ensure you are buying socks with suitable fabric. They help to wick moisture away from your skin, so they won’t slide down into your boots and create pressure points.

Gloves, Jerseys, and Pants

The rest of women’s dirt biking apparel is made of materials with specialised functions, such as protecting crashes (to some extent) and shielding your legs from pipe burns and other injuries and rashes. Women’s Riding pants are shaped and made to fit the female figure properly. As more females participate, women-centric dirt biking is now readily available in the market.

Chest Protected

Women’s physiology is quite different, so they need to pay extra attention. Chest protection is one of them! The two types of chest protection forms are under the jersey and above. Both are made to shield you from rocks and other bike roots. Unfortunately, if you crash, they also provide some protection. There are women-specific chest protectors with curved plastic bust lines. For the best fit, try on a few different styles.


Protecting your eyes is equally important. Wearing goggles keeps small particles out of your eyes and shields them from flying sand & dirt particles, low-hanging branches, and birds. Riding goggles come in various brands, sizes, shapes and styles. Each brand has a distinctive fit, so try on the pair you’re thinking about while wearing your helmet to ensure they fit within the eye-port. Also, they will enhance your dirt-biking look.

Knee and Elbow Pads for riders

When you start learning to ride, you may tip the bike over more frequently than you would want, and your arms, elbows, or knees will be the first contact points. Elbow and knee protection are affordable to avoid unwanted cuts and bruises. Women riders can try youth sizes because the majority of items are unisex. Youth-sized knee pads will fit more efficiently and comfortably into your boots because they are shorter down your leg.

So, buy the list mentioned above for your first – dirt ride sufficient. You need to ensure these protective gear’s comfort, quality, and size, and you are all set to go. Have a comfortable and safe ride!