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Combining All Forms of Entertainment in One Place

Man holding social object Combining All Forms of Entertainment in One Place

Entertainment comes in all forms, but there are few places that provide multiple forms of entertainment under one roof. The casino industry has formulated the perfect combination for customers over the years.

Milan Rabszski talks to owners of online casinos to understand what it takes to run an establishment that big. He asks how they survive in the industry and what challenges they expect in the coming years.

M.R.: What do customers expect from a brick-and-mortar casino?

Casino owner #1: There is a lot of authenticity in brick-and-mortar casinos. There is an atmosphere, people, food, and drinks which gives a nice vibe to the people. However, compared to online, the opportunities and benefits might be low, but the ambiance is something that can’t be beaten.

You can enjoy the games in casinos and other forms of entertainment as it’s an excellent opportunity to get out of the house and spend some time with friends or family.

M.R.: How is an online casino different, and what are the challenges?

Casino owner #1: Online casinos are different from brick-and-mortar ones as more people are playing online games. Also, they allow the games to be easily played anywhere and anytime.

Whether you are working from home, shopping, or simply catching up with friends, players just need access to a smartphone or laptop with a good internet connection.

However, there are challenges too that owners have to face, including:

  • The demand for mobile casinos;
  • Having strict regulations;
  • Adapting to changes after a pandemic;
  • Competition with the video game industry;
  • Adopting the VR;
  • Personalizing the experience;
  • Crypto banking;
  • Customer support.

M.R.: Do you need to get different licenses for the various casino games?

Casino owner #2: Each country has its own stipulations when it comes to the qualification of the amusement business. But thankfully, there are only a few online casino regulators that hand out casino licenses. In jurisdictions like Malta and Curacao, for instance, a single license can be used for all types of internet gambling, including lotteries, bingo halls, casinos, games of chance and skill, and even fictitious games. The licensing requirements of various regulators for the gaming industry vary. In the United Kingdom, for instance, a single site may require as many as three separate licenses.

The country where the players are located, or one of a select few other recognized authorities, may be required to provide you with a license. You may need to submit applications for gambling licenses in multiple jurisdictions if your players are spread across the globe.

M.R.: Since it is online, what infrastructure do you, as owners, need to invest in?

Casino owner #3: Online casino operations rely on technology, and people would not visit the site without priming, design software, advanced graphics, and language. Also, not all the technology available is used in the casino. There are some basic and important areas where investment is needed.

  • Gaming software;
  • Infrastructure and tools;
  • Data resources;
  • Smartphones and computers.

M.R.: What do you think is the benefit of casinos to the country’s economy? 

Casino owner #1: Well, the revenue from taxing casinos is huge. It’s pretty much a cash cow for the government.

There is a well-known fact that the house always wins, and when you look at those mega casinos, they generate more than enough money. Many economies also benefit from the tax paid by the casino on their GGR, or gross gaming revenue.

Each country has its own gambling taxes and a GGR system that varies, but the percentage of net profit helps boost the economy overall. It also boosts the tourism industry as people from around the world visit casinos in places like Macau and Las Vegas.

M.R.: Safety is a major concern; what do you do to ensure that? 

Casino owner #3: When playing online casinos, it’s extremely important to ensure players have the safest and most secure platform. That’s why the casinos have the proper licensing and follow all the regulations. Also, the casinos are licensed and regulated by the government. All this information is available on the license page or website.

The casino also takes care of transparency. The players are all open and honest when it comes to practice. The terms and conditions are mentioned, along with the payout percentage and secure payment systems. There must be a robust security system for protecting money and information, including antivirus, firewalls, and encryption technologies. The customer service needs to be reliable and should have 24/7 support for the players.

M.R.: As an owner, what do you think about the future of casinos?

Casino owner #1: Gambling and technology are two things that go hand to hand when it comes to advancement and development. As online casinos are getting huge, the demand is increasing. Today, the latest online gambling trends are the ones that shape the future of casinos.

In the overall growth that the industry experienced, it’s apparent that technology played a major role. But the trend can predict that it is not going to be restricted. The future will involve more convenience, and it has grown to boast the ease of playing.

Expect a lot of technological advances in the coming years. More like, expect current technology combined with casino experiences. If live casinos were exciting and gave you the real experience, picture yourself playing slots in a VR system! That’s right; the technology is almost within reach.

In Conclusion

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