Perez: After all I've done for him, it's disappointing

Perez: After all I’ve done for him, it’s disappointing

Perez: After all I've done for him, it's disappointing
Sergio Perez expressed disappointment after Max Verstappen refused to give him back sixth place at the 2022 Sao Paulo Grand Prix, admitting he doesn’t understand his teammate’s actions.

Max Verstappen refused to obey team orders by Red Bull to give his sixth place back to teammate Sergio Perez who is locked in a fight with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc for the runner up position in the Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship.

Ferrari also refused Leclerc’s request to be switched with teammate Carlos Sainz who finished third, and as things stand the Monegasque – fourth in the race –  and the Mexican – seventh – head into the Abu Dhabi season finale tied on points.

Naturally Perez was at loss trying to explain why his teammate refused to help him; he said: “I was told to let him by and that I was going to get back the position.

“I don’t know what the complications where on his side. No idea, maybe you should ask him about it. Nothing to say really,” he added speaking to Sky Sports F1.

“After all I have done for him, it is a bit disappointing to be honest,” Perez lamented. “I am really surprised.”

The Mexican driver concluded admitting Red Bull were not at there usual performance level, saying: “We were definitely down on pace this weekend, so I hope we are back on our usual form in Abu Dhabi.”

Verstappen: I have my reasons

As for Verstappen, all he had to say way: “I have my reasons for that,” revealing a discussion has take place within the team immediately after the race.

“We just discussed that,” he added. “I think it was good that we finally just sat together and talked about it and basically just move forward from here.

“If we go to Abu Dhabi and he needs support, it is not the end of the world. It is all about who finishes ahead anyway.

“If he needs the help, I am there,” the Dutchman claimed. “But it is good that we first talked about it now and cleared everything that was there and why I didn’t do it.”

Nothing from what Verstappen said really explains his reasons for not being a team player on an occasion when nothing serious was at stake for the double F1 Champion.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner discussed the awkward situation his star driver put the team in confirming the latter’s statement that talks took place immediately after the race.

“We discuss these things internally,” Horner told Sky. “The drivers were very, very clear and for us, Checo is now tied on points with Charles, Ferrari didn’t switch their cars around and we go into Abu Dhabi as a team to do the very best for Checo to get that second place.

Verstappen will support Perez in Abu Dhabi

“Max will fully support that,” he insisted. “The drivers have discussed it, they have shaken hands, and we are focused on that next race.

“We work as a team, we race as a team and our objective and our priority is to see if we can get Checo to finish runner up in the Championship.

“It is something we have never achieved as a team before and Max has given commitment that we will be doing the best we can in Abu Dhabi to achieve that.

“It is a straight fight between Checo and Charles and if Max can help in any way, he will do,” the Briton maintained.

“Checo has done a phenomenal job all year and he deserves that second place and as a team, we will do our very best to support that and to achieve that in Abu Dhabi.

“We will discuss it as a larger group in the debrief later and the bigger discussion will be as well is why we were missing the pace this weekend.

“It is important it is addressed; it is all dealt with above the table and as a team we move on,” Horner concluded.