Villeneuve: Ricciardo's move on Tsunoda incomprehensible

Villeneuve: Ricciardo’s move on Tsunoda incomprehensible

Villeneuve: Ricciardo's move on Tsunoda incomprehensible

Jacque Villeneuve described Daniel Ricciardo’s attempt to overtake Yuki Tsunoda during the 2022 Mexico City Grand Prix as incomprehensible.

Ricciardo’s move on Tsunoda earned him a ten-second time penalty, but the Aussie was in such fine form that he was able to build up a gap, bigger than that, to the chasing Alpine of Esteban Ocon and kept his seventh place.

Other than that, it was one of the best performances we have seen from Ricciardo in a while, and Villeneuve – in his column – claimed it was one of highlights of he race in Mexico.

“I also found the race fascinating because of Ricciardo’s comeback after an otherwise incomprehensible attempt to overtake Tsunoda,” the 1997 Formula 1 Champion said.

“I don’t understand those actions where drivers put their front wheel next to the rear wheel and then think they have the corner.

“That’s not overtaking,” the Canadian insisted. “And Tsunoda did close the door, rightfully so. But then I don’t understand the penalty system either, sometimes it’s five seconds and sometimes it’s ten. There should be no consideration of the consequences of the action, but there is.

“Lewis Hamilton got ten seconds last year at Silverstone, he had understeer and a big accident followed,” Villeneuve referred to Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s Copse incident at Silverstone in 2021.

No consistency with handing out penalties

“There is no consistency, it is always either five or ten seconds and not alternately. And maybe time penalties are not good penalties either.

“In theory, sometimes you could swallow a penalty because it’s better for your race, even though ten seconds is normally a pretty heavy penalty.

“For Ricciardo, it worked out well. He had to work hard for it though, because of his tyres he was even faster than Hamilton at one point,” the 51-year old concluded.

“I’m a little mixed about it,” Ricciardo told Sky Sports of the incident. “Of course, you never want contact to the point where the other guy goes off, but I just saw a replay and I don’t feel as bad as about it now. I still wish it didn’t happen.

“I didn’t miss the apex, I didn’t lock and go into him. I’ll take responsibility but I was just trying to stay there to keep him a little wide to get the exit. I’ll take a bit more responsibility but I can’t say it’s 100 per cent my fault,” he insisted.