Binotto: Interesting to see FIA taking so long to issue budget cap report

Binotto: Interesting to see FIA taking so long with budget cap

Binotto: Interesting to see FIA taking so long to issue budget cap report
Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto revealed that he is intrigued by the fact that the FIA are taking so long to issue the budget cap report for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

The Formula 1 world awaits the FIA’s findings regarding the teams’ spending in 2021 amid allegations that Red Bull have breached the $145-Million threshold, a report the F1’s governing body announced they will reveal on Monday, October 10, 2022.

However, that has not stopped the media from asking about it, and team bosses commenting, Mattia Binotto having a say again at the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix weekend.

Asked what to expect from the FIA’s report, Binotto told reporters on Sunday: “I’m expecting tomorrow [Monday], and you are expecting, is the report.

“Interesting to see that it’s taking so long to issue it, because it was due days ago,” he pointed out. “Why we’re simply waiting so long, simply because there are discussions behind which are simply giving, let me say, truth to the fact that there are, let me say, rumours and speculations about maybe teams having being in breach.”

Insisting that delays in releasing the cost cap audit reports means there is something wrong, Binotto added: “So I think it’s simply confirming that there are discussions, because there is something not clear in there.

“What’s important for us is whatever will be the breach, if any breach, the penalty has to be significant,” he insisted.

Even the slightest breach affects performance

Binotto went on to explain the effect of any budget cap breach on the performance of the F1 cars, insisting even the slightest overspending will have a significant knock on effect.

He said: “Because believe me, that our cars today [Sunday] in Japan tried to fight for the best position. These are cars that have been developed maintaining, respecting the budget cap itself, and we know how much, even if it’s a minor breach, how much it would have implied in terms of performance.

“I mentioned five million is about half a second, even one or two million is about one or two-tenths which is about from being second on the grid or being on pole and maybe having the fastest car.

“Obviously it’s about 2021, 2021 it’s an advantage you gain over the following seasons,” Binotto claimed. “I think what we need and what I’m expecting is full transparency and clarity on the discussions that may have happened.”

Red Bull team boss has repeatedly denied the allegations and told BBC Radio 4 Today: “We’re very confident we’re within the cap and within those financial regulations, so we’ve been shocked at the speculation and accusations that have been made by other teams.

“We wait for the FIA to conclude their process and we wait to see what comes out. Anything other than compliance we’ll be extremely surprised at,” he insisted.

If Red Bull are found to have actually exceeded the budget in 2021, points deduction for the team and drivers could be one of the possible penalties to be imposed.

This could mean the difference between Max Verstappen being a double F1 World Champion, or simply a World Champion.

(Additional reporting by Agnes Carlier)