Fittipaldi: Ferrari starving for a good result in Zandvoort

Fittipaldi: Ferrari starving for a good result in Zandvoort

Fittipaldi: Ferrari starving for a good result in Zandvoort
Double Formula 1 Champion Emerson Fittipaldi believes Ferrari will be pushing hard at the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, as they are starving for a good result.

Ferrari could not compete with the devastating speed of Red Bull and Max Verstappen at last weekend’s Belgium Grand Prix, but will be looking to have a decent result at the upcoming Dutch race this weekend, at a track Red Bull predicted would suit the F1-75.

Former F1 driver Emerson Fittipaldi believes Verstappen will be pushing 110% at his home race, but also thinks Ferrari will be a tough competitor.

Asked about his predictions for this weekend grand prix, Fittipaldi told VegasInsider: “If you look back, most of the Grands prix, Ferrari is the fastest car on average, through the whole year.”

“Max proved last year that he did a fantastic job (in his home race),” he added. “When I raced, every time I raced in my home country, like Interlagos or Rio de Janeiro, the Jacarepagua, I would give my 110 percent.”

“I’m sure Max will give his 110 percent,” the 75-year-old Brazilian insisted.

Ferrari hungry for a decent result

However he warned that Ferrari will have the performance and the drive to do well in Zandvoort after their string of disappointing results.

“But the Ferraris are extremely competitive,” he said. “They need results now. They’re starving for a good result. They’re starving for a win. Leclerc is strong. Carlos is strong for sure.

“I think it would be a very, very competitive Grand Prix with a lot of challenge from Ferrari,” he pointed out. “Even Checo could do well in that Red Bull car. They won last year. They’ll be strong again this year.

“I think the competition would be between Red Bull and Ferrari,” Fittipaldi maintained.

Asked about the chances of Mercedes as well as the others, the 14-time F1 race winner said: “I think Mercedes are getting stronger but I don’t think they’re on the same level of qualifying and competing for the win. McLaren is getting better and Alpine is getting better too.

“There is still a big gap between Red Bull-Ferrari and the others,” the 1972 and 1974 F1 Champion insisted.