Las Vegas capital of gambling welcomes Formula 1 in 2023

Las Vegas tourism officials allocate $6.5-Million for F1 race

Las Vegas is known to most as the city of gambling, flashing lights, and casinos, but in 2023 it will be added as one of the hosts of the Formula 1 races.

The city will be an exciting host for the races. F1 has put in work and money to make it memorable and it is not the first time Las Vegas has hosted Formula 1 as they hosted races twice in the 80s, however, the race in 2023 is the first time that the F1 cars will be racing on the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

The city offers an exclusive and festive setting well-fitted for the audience of the race that is familiar with the gambling destinations as countries known for their exclusivity as well as their gambling opportunities are also hosting Formula 1, Monaco being one of them.

A visit to the Casino of Monte Carlo is not an opportunity that everyone gets, whereas the casinos in Las Vegas are much more accessible to anyone.

Joining the festivities of Formula 1 in Vegas

Fans entsetzt: So viel kostet ein Ticket für den Las Vegas F1-GP

It must be a thrill experiencing a race so exciting in a city so vibrant as Las Vegas. It will definitely be festive to watch the cars race right by the Strip and the notorious locations along the race track. With all of these extraordinary and high-class casinos around, it would be a shame not to grant them a visit.

To get the full Vegas experience from your visit, you would have to visit one of the notorious casinos. Entering the Bellagio or Caesars Palace you would need to know how to gamble with the high-rollers. To radiate a sense of belonging, you should prepare for your casino visit at one of the best online casinos through

Knowing the ways around the card games as well as the roulette will give you a better experience visiting a casino in the city of gambling.

Las Vegas’s preparations for the third race

When is the 2023 F1 Las Vegas GP? Leaked documents show tentative date for new US race

Las Vegas is a great location for Formula 1 as the race usually attracts the rich as well as the gamblers. It is both the biggest and most famous gambling city in the world.

Audiences in the first row as well as viewers from afar will be able to get a good look at this notorious capital of gambling. And the city has been preparing for the race for a while, so it will be

Formula 1 has spent a quarter billion dollars on the Las Vegas paddock especially built for the occasion and whether the project is smart or not has been debated.

However, the racing will take place on a 6.12-kilometer circuit and it will pass by infamous and iconic sights such as the Caesars Palace, the Venetian, and the Bellagio. And as written this is the very first time the race will pass Las Vegas’s famous Strip. The iconic race will take on the infamous and worldwide known road.

The state of Nevada has 396 Casinos, and Las Vegas has hundreds of casinos – many of which have bought F1 tickets in order to sell very highly priced F1 Hotel packages.