Editor's Desk: GrandPrix247's 2022 Formula 1 season so far

Editor’s Desk: GrandPrix247’s 2022 Formula 1 season so far

Editor's Desk: GrandPrix247's 2022 Formula 1 season so far

As Formula 1 goes on its summer vacation, we at GrandPrix247 set out on a soul searching mission looking back on “our” season so far and how to move forward with our readers’ opinion a priority.

Many people in the F1 community will be using these few weeks of holidays for different reasons. Charles Leclerc for example will be contemplating how to have a trouble free final part of the season, and maybe try to make Max Verstappen break a sweat, the Dutchman most probably having one of his most relaxing summer breaks this time.

Alpine will be working to sort out their Oscar Piastri fiasco, while Daniel Ricciardo will be searching for a lifeline as Fernando Alonso, the one who sent all of the previous into a whirlwind, will be laughing in his sleeve.

Sebastian Vettel on the other hand will be probably getting his first taste of life after Formula 1, as for the first time he goes into a summer vacation knowing that come season end, the “SV5” will get a well deserved rest.

I dare not imagine what would be going on in the minds of Ferrari and Mattia Binotto in particular over the course of the vacation, but it will not be an enjoyable one, as despite their best efforts to switch off, something they need and deserve to do, the mistakes of the first part of the season will definitely be haunting them.

Many people, having many matters to reflect on during this vacation, and we at GrandPrix247 are no exception. Suffice to say, we have had a solid season so far, and for that we can only thank our readers, both our regulars and the newcomers.

It’s been an honour writing to you and brining you the material we have so far, and to that we have to give a shoutout to our team of contributors who have been churning up some really great reads.

But as is the case in Formula 1, we cannot afford to be complacent, and we need to keep pushing, as our beloved sport waits for no one, and at GrandPrix247, we are always pushing to make sure our site, or as our Editor in Chief Paul Velasco likes to call it, our “Pub”, full of great people having great discussions.

Our “Pub” will always be a place of great and healthy Formula 1 discussions, heated but respectful as hate and bantering have no place amongst us while we seek to create an environment where even the die-hard Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fans can have a civilized discussion about the rivalry between their two heroes, who despite not having much of a rivalry this year, still manage to cross roads every now and then, something inevitable after their 2021 legacy.

So as we get ready for Spa and the rest of the season, a season that hasn’t disappointed so far, we seek to pick the brains of our readers and get some feedback on how they felt about their GrandPrix247 2022 journey so far, and how we can make your experience better.

Thank you as always for making our efforts worthwhile, see you back in Spa.

In the meantime, let us know what we can do better for you as true F1 fans and readers of our site. Help us improve for you…