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24-Hour-Grand-Prix-Slot-Game-Feature slots

What are the Best Racing Related Casino Games?

24-Hour-Grand-Prix-Slot-Game-Feature slots

Racing and playing at a casino have more similarities than you might think. Both have an element of risk in place, combined with a big reward if you’re successful.

There’s also the adrenaline rush when you are successful, which is often what people enjoy more than the actual act of winning. That’s why it’s not a surprise that racing casino games are hugely popular at the moment.

It’s not just the fast paced action that casino games offer that draws in racing fans, but the high reward to high risk ratio that they offer. So, to help you choose the best casino game to play, we’ve put together our list of the top racing themed casino games on the market at the moment.

Formula X

Formula X - World Grand Prix - A 3D Car Racing Game(Kindle Tablet Edition) for Android

Is it any shock that Formula 1 is one of the most common racing genres that is picked to be part of casino games? It’s without a doubt the most popular and iconic form of racing in the world, so by offering players the ability to experience an F1 themed title, this slot is already onto a winner.

It uses some really fun cartoon style visuals for the symbols and has an older racing theme to it. All of the symbols are linked to different aspects of racing and they look fantastic. They’re nice and colorful, which ensures that they stand out on the screen. On top of this the background is very vibrant which makes things stand out even more.

The gameplay is a standard slot fare. There are 25 paylines, which is pretty much the average for the market, maybe a slight amount above the average in fact as 20 is usually industry standard. It has both a free spins round and a progressive jackpot in place. The jackpot can only be accessed when playing at the top stake level, so if you want to play for the really big wins you will have to make sure to budget for the top stake.

Good to Go

Good to Go Online Slot Machine - Play for Free | 2023

The moment you load up this game you will instantly be filled with feelings of nostalgia. While there is no licensing in place, it’s quite obvious that the car on the opening screen is based on the Ferrari. It looks just like the classic Schumacher winning machine and will really grab the attention of players right from the start.

In terms of visuals, this definitely has got it going on. Everything here harks right back to Formula 1 and makes sure that players are engaged from the start. There are some wonderful designs in place for the symbols and they have a great look to them. It really makes sure that players are drawn into the world of racing from the moment that they start playing.

The game itself provides a large amount of fun and has access to some massive wins as well. The wild symbol is where everything goes mad in this title. It can award up to 5,000 times the player stake when a full payline is created. This makes it a game that can potentially turn extremely lucrative.

Formula 1

Slot machines inspired by Formula 1 -

Well, this one is extremely obvious what it’s about. The name gives it away instantly. The game is about Formula 1 and it comes from Globo Tech. It’s a must-play for racing fans due to everything that it has in place.

The visuals are all comic style, so it doesn’t have a realistic look. However, they still look fantastic. It means that players will instantly be drawn in by what is definitely one of the most impressive-looking slots on the market.

Of course, it’s not just about how the game looks. There’s also some fantastic gameplay in place in Formula 1. There’s a free spins round included here, which is a huge amount of fun. On top of that there is also a gamble feature. This comes into play every time a win is created.

It allows players to gamble on the win and double up the size of their payouts. It means that even the smaller wins in this game have the potential to become much larger. It’s important to remember that the gamble feature can also cause you to lose those small wins though, so be aware of this if you decide to use the gamble feature.

5 Reel Drive

5 Reel Drive 슬롯 Microgaming 리뷰 & 무료 데모 플레이 |

This has a nice funny title in place. It’s a play on how 4 wheel drive is a thing but how video slots tend to have 5 reels. It will raise a chuckle with slots fans right away. Of course, as it’s created by Microgaming it means that the overall quality of the game is at a very high level.

The visuals are impressive and they make sure that players are automatically drawn into the atmosphere for the game. While they’re not realistically drawn, they do have a really fun cartoon style in place. It makes sure that they stand out on the screen quite a lot.

The gameplay is what most players will be looking for though. The game features 5 reels, as the name suggests, and 3 rows for each reel. There are 9 paylines in place which is a bit below what’s normally offered.

However, it makes up for this with wild symbols and scatter symbols that can help to create wins on the reels. There isn’t a bonus game, but the scatter symbols can create instant wins which makes every spin an exciting one.