Coulthard: If F1 drivers are uncomfortable they should resign

Coulthard: If F1 drivers are uncomfortable they should resign

David Coulthard believes that Formula 1 drivers complaining about the risks of driving the new-generation cars, with their “porpoising” tendency should resign, becoming the latest personality of the sport to comment in this controversial topic.

The subject of “poproising” which is the aerodynamic-caused bouncing phenomenon of a 2022 ground-effect F1 car, and the bouncing caused by the stiff suspensions for these cars has been a hot topic ever since the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The phenomenon was first noticed in pre-season testing with teams claiming they will get their heads around it as the new set of F1 regulations – introduced to improve racing and cars following each other – evolve more.

Bouncing dividing the F1 community

But some teams, with Mercedes being on top of the list have struggled to deal with this problem, with the problem reaching its peak in Baku for the Silver Arrows, as Lewis Hamilton struggled to exit his car after the race, while teammate George Russell – despite suffering less – was vocal that a serious incident was just waiting to happen.

Reactions across the paddock varied among drivers and teams, as some downplayed Mercedes’ drive to change the regulations on safety basis, something the FIA responded to with a technical directive in Canada.

Teams such as Red Bull, and Ferrari who have stable cars claimed Mercedes are pushing for change since they cannot fix the problem on their W13, keeping in mind that Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz complained several times about the bouncing, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez shared some concern.

Pierre Gasly revealed that he needed more physio-therapy sessions than usual after Baku, while Daniel Ricciardo said he didn’t believe Hamilton was exaggerating the effects of his bouncing Mercedes at that venue.

On the other hand, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen are against any changes, the former saying his team has done a lot of work to sort the problem out which is under risk of being binned. The latter claims it is Mercedes’ problem that their car is rubbish.

Many young talents are happy to replace complaining F1 drivers

AlphaTauri team boss told the complaining drivers to go home of they don’t like the new cars which, he said are F1 cars and not a Rolls Royce.

And it seems David Couthard is of the same opinion as Tost as he said during a W Series media event this weekend, for which he is an ambassador: “I know the situation in which my own team did a better job and also one in which it was not so good, and then you just accept the pain.

“If a driver is so uncomfortable and fears long-term consequences, then I say that those drivers should resign,” the former McLaren driver added.

“There are a whole range of young racing talents who would love to take over the cockpit if one feels so uncomfortable,” he added.

“If you’re a boxer, then you have to accept that someone hits you in the face,” Coulthard bullishly stated. “I think we have to accept that it is currently the case with some teams and there will also be further development.

“But overall, as a driver, you just have to deal with it,” the 13-time grand prix winner insisted.