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It Went Totally Wrong For These People After Winning Lottery

balls-lottery winners

We often dream about the day we will win a huge sum of money through the lottery. That will be the day we either immigrate to a warm, sunny country or buy a country house for the whole family.

This has actually happened to some people, but not everyone can handle a lot of money. For these nine people, this has gone completely wrong and proves once again that money doesn’t really bring happiness.

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Urooj Khan

Urooj won a million dollars and jumped! He had great plans with the money and wanted to donate it to a hospital for children and into his own business. After leaving a press conference, Urooj went home.

Suddenly the man did not feel well after dinner and soon had to go to the hospital where he died of a heart condition. Urooj’s brother couldn’t believe it and found out that a quantity of cyanide had entered his blood.

It has never been known who was responsible for this death.

Andrew Whittaker

This man won a whopping $314 million in cash. He immediately knew what to do with the money and donated millions to churches and charities.

He created jobs by hiring three people just to open his mail. Many people asked the man for money and even walked into his house unsolicited. Andrew had to spend more than $3 million to protect himself. This stress only got worse and Andrew decided to seek relaxation in strip clubs and casinos.

This lifestyle was passed on to his daughter Brandi and she ended up in the drug world. This led to her death. A year later, Andrew’s daughter and Brandi’s mother passed away, causing a family tragedy.

Jeffrey Dampier

Jeffrey was the winner of a lottery that earned him $20 million. He and his wife divorced soon after winning the money, splitting it 50/50. Jeffrey began a relationship with a woman named Crystal shortly after. Jeffrey moved the woman to Florida and she took all her sisters with her, Jeffrey took care of them too.

One day when Jeffrey came home, one of the sisters named Victoria was at home with her boyfriend Nathaniel. They decided to rob Jeffrey and tied him up.

The couple could get 1000 dollars but didn’t think it was enough. They threw Jeffrey in a van and beat him up for more money. In the end, Victoria had to shoot Jeffrey or her boyfriend would shoot Victoria. She shot and killed her sister’s husband.

The couple received a life sentence for their actions.

Renné Senna

This man from Brazil did not have a very good life. The man had diabetes and his legs had to be amputated. Because of this, he had to quit his job as a butcher and was forced to clean up along the road. His wife had become unhappy with the poor life, left him and took the children with her.

In 2005, the man won 16 million through the lottery. He started a relationship with Adriana, whom he had known for 25 years.

After she tied the knot, he had all his siblings put out of his will. She had one drawn up where she would receive half of his fortune. When Adriana was accused by Renne of cheating, the millionaire threatened to remove her from his will. This of course didn’t go well with Adriana and she hired two men to kill Renne.

Adriana was found guilty of this murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Lee Kost

Lee was living in a care home when he won a quarter of a million in the lottery. It immediately caused problems and he suffered several burglaries. He soon met a young lady named Porche Sweet, who went to dinner with him and then went home with him.

The woman planned to rob Lee. After entering, she removed the lock on the door, after which a man entered and demanded that Lee give him his pin code. After they got everything she wanted, she killed Lee and left in his Jaguar. They were soon caught by the police and Porche Sweet was sentenced to 23 years in prison. The killer was given a life sentence.

Craigory Burch Jr.

As soon as Craigory won half a million, he got into trouble. He got several warnings that predicted a robbery was coming, and it came. Burch’s front door was blown down by a shotgun, while the man sat on his lap in the living room with his family and two-year-old.

The robbers shot him in both the legs after he offered to give them money. Craigory’s girlfriend and children screamed for help, but it was too late. The man had died. Seven people were convicted in the death of Craigory Burch.

David and Maria Devrell

The couple won millions of dollars and immediately hired a family friend as a financial advisor. He was given complete control over the money and their accounts. He also had to pay his own salary. It didn’t take long before he took advantage of this.

One day he hit Maria on the head with a hammer and made it look like they were being robbed. Two weeks later, he was charged with the murder because someone heard him arguing with Maria about how she was spending her money.

The family friend admitted to killing the woman because she doubted his ability as a financial advisor. He was afraid of losing his fat pot.

Abraham Shakespeare

The story of Abraham is tragic. Shakespeare was the single winner of the Florida Lotto grand prize ($30 million). After the tax deduction, he received 17 million dollars. Abraham was known as a generous, warm-hearted man and he was sure that money would not change him.

If they asked him for money, he gave it to them. Then a woman came into the picture and offered to help Abraham manage his money. Soon she was spending a million dollars on cars and vacations. This tasted like more and the woman killed Abraham by shooting him.

She let the outside world know that the man was on vacation and kept this story up for months. Police eventually found Abraham’s body and sentenced the woman to life without parole in prison.

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