Marko: We forced Ferrari in Monaco, they reacted wrong

Marko: We forced Ferrari in Monaco, they reacted wrong

Marko: We forced Ferrari in Monaco, they reacted wrong

Dr. Helmut Marco revealed that Red Bull’s strategy at the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix forced Ferrari to react, something they did wrong.

Ferrari started the Monaco Grand Prix first and second with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz respectively, but a strategy blunder in mixed wet conditions meant Red Bull’s Sergio Perez won the race, from Sainz in second and Max Verstappen in third, while Leclerc was fourth missing the podium at his home grand prix.

Asked if Perez’ win puts pressure on Verstappen, especially as Red Bull team principal said he doesn’t mind if any of his drivers wins the Championship, Marko responded to OE24: “Max is staying cool, he has enough self-confidence.”

But the Austrian claims that Ferrari on the other hand are not remaining cool, but feeling the pressure, which was the case in Monaco as Red Bull’s  strategy pushed Ferrari into their strategy error.


“Ferrari are under pressure,” he said. “Leclerc has a hard time with that and makes mistakes. This is racing.

“In Monaco we forced Ferrari to react with our pit tactics and they reacted instinctively wrong,” the Red Bull consultant claimed.

Perez’s Monaco form due to contract signature

Marko revealed that Red Bull have actually signed the contract extension with Perez ahead of Monaco despite the announcement coming after the race.

“On the Friday before the Monaco GP, we extended with him,” he revealed. “In fact, he was extra motivated after that. With a driver pairing like that it’s a real pleasure, now we already have five victories this year.”

But despite their victories this season, Marko is not celebrating the championship just yet pointing out: “I just did the math: We still have 15 races to go.

“Even Russell is only 41 points behind Verstappen. Anything is still possible,” he insisted.

Marko, a former Formula 1 driver and a veteran of nine grands prix is wary of a Mercedes resurgence, and said: “Their car is getting faster every day, their top times are already on our level or even better.

“So you really can’t write them off. If Mercedes suddenly dominates everything again, then Hamilton will also be back,” the 78-year-old maintained.