motorcycling for beginners

Top tips and tricks for aspiring motorcyclists

motorcycling for beginners

Motorcycling is a category of technical sports in which people compete for speed on the track in motorcycle-type vehicles. Here is a guide

The governing organization is the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM). Motocross is challenging, requiring physical strength, endurance, coordination, and determination. When you head to the track for the first time, it is advisable to have an initial idea of what you are facing.


We will try to cover the main points of riding technique and give tips.

Before leaving on the track, the first thing you should do is appropriately equip yourself. After all, there is an unspoken rule: equipment is essential in case of an accident, not for everyday riding. But the, falls in motorcycling are more than probable, so the protection should correspond.

There are many options for entry-level equipment. The main thing is not to save on head and leg security – in this case, it is better to buy products of a well-known brand. Also, do not forget that you need goggles, a belt, protection for your neck, torso, and knees, gloves, a jersey, and pants.

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Types of Motorcycling

Road-ring motorcycle racing. In this type of competition, competitors compete to complete a specified distance as fast as possible on a closed circuit with an asphalt surface.

Races can be held on purpose-built motorcycles (Moto GP) and road motorcycles of varying degrees of improvement (Superbike). Also, races can be held at different distances, from short sprint races to multi-hour endurance races (Endurance).

Races may also be held on sections of public roads closed to general traffic, forming or not forming a closed route.

Motocross. A closed-circuit has not asphalted in motocross, but a dirt surface, often with additional obstacles in natural or especially poured hills and jumps. Distinguish between motocross on natural or artificial tracks (Supercross or Supermotocross).

Also, in recent years, another type of motorcycle racing has been gaining popularity, similar to motocross – Supermoto, which combines the asphalted sections of the track and areas of a conventional motocross circuit.

Sidecarcross is an extreme sport, similar to motocross, where many riders need to pass the track in minimum time. The bikes have more mass than the cross bike, having a sidecar, which is a logical continuation of the frame construction of the cycle. The crew consists of two people: the rider and the wheeler.

Speedway. Flat dirt or ice (sometimes dirt or grass) track in the form of an oval, small length (260-400 m, the size of the way at the stadium), sometimes up to 1 km (racetrack tracks).

Races are held at a distance of several circles (4-6) with a small number of participants (4-6). With a more significant number of participants is their division into groups and competition within the tournament table, with quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.

Drag Racing. As in-car drag racing, motorcyclists cover a certain distance (usually 402m) in the shortest possible time.

Moto trial. The category includes moto trial competitions on passing small but tough (and for usual motorcycle and impossible) distances (sections) with unique obstacles. A distinction is made between indoor and outdoor motorial.

Standriding. The essence of stunt riding – is riding on the back or front wheel of a motorcycle or performing various difficult or demonstrative stunts, including standing on the spot. As a rule, stunt readers all their tricks often, reducing the chance of injury to almost zero. Stunt riding is not an official form of motorcycling and exists precisely as a subspecies of freestyle.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle riding by beginners

motorcycling for advanced

How dangerous is motocross a hobby?

This sport has an increased risk of injury. A variety of protective cross equipment indicates that. Anyone who’s into motorsports knows that. Chess is given little time in comparison to chess.

The most significant trouble that beginners may face at the beginning of training will be bruises and bruises. The danger of serious injury increases with increasing speed – any error in the motorcycle management at high speed can lead to a fall.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear idea of their capabilities and the resources of motorcycles and correlate them with the peculiarities of the passage of the track elements.

This comprehensive understanding of the situation gives only practice and experience, which are many hours of training. Therefore it is not necessary to speak about the danger of traumas at the initial stage of employment.

Will cross-country or pit bike control skills help ride a road bike?

The technique of controlling motorcycles of different classes differs quite a bit. But you have to keep in mind that cross-track riding skills are more vital for developing motorcycle feel. Therefore, it will take very little time to adapt to the management of road motorcycles.

Furthermore, motocross training takes place all year round, giving you a complete understanding of the motorcycle’s behavior when the wheels skid and under unfavorable conditions. Thus, the experience and skills gained in motocross training can help in critical situations on the road and be helpful when riding any two-wheeled machinery.

Can I ride a pit bike or cross bike around town? 

No, you can’t unless the motorcycle is registered; not. Cross motorcycles are sports equipment intended only on specially equipped sites or tracks.

The exceptions are some applicable models of pit bikes and motorcycles of dual-purpose, which are equipped with lighting equipment (headlights, “turn signals,” brake light), rearview mirrors, and a vehicle’s passport for registration of the bike.

As a rule, cross motorcycle equipment is delivered to the track in the van’s trailer or cargo compartment. Another serious impediment to riding on the asphalt is the profile of the tires bike – cross tires, poor asphalt, and quickly worn out.

For use on public roads, another class of motorcycles off-road, dual-purpose. Bikes for enduro or supermoto differ from the cross by several parameters, and their operation implies the presence of the driver’s license with an open category. You do not need a permit for motorsports.

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What motorcycle choose beginners?

First of all, it should be a necessarily inexpensive but efficient iron horse, for which it is not difficult to find new parts. Not always the first motorcycles survive to the end of the learning process and the transition to a giant cube.

The approximate term of experience in the beginner riders ranges from 1 to 2 years. It would be best if you did not hurry in this case because a beginner biker’s life is at stake.

The main thing is to ride a lot, not paying attention to the limited resource of bike power. After prolonged use, you will probably even know how to assemble your motorcycle as a beginner.

There are also class criteria for beginners in selecting your first two-wheeler. It is highly undesirable to stop such a moto-choice on sports kinds of the iron horse.

And heavy/massive in dimensions cruisers for this purpose is not worth buying. Of all classes of motorcycle equipment most appropriate for the student, the motorcyclist will, of course, use classic bikes.