The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for F1 Fans

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Some of the most iconic places you can visit in most cities around the world are the Motorsports race tracks. Motorsports stand out amongst other sports because of their remarkable appeal.

Holidu’s list of top F1 destinations to visit recognizes Motorsports’ contribution to culture in many ways and notes that this is one of the reasons behind the remarkable rise of these sports over decades.

Fans of Motorsports consider it a huge privilege to be present at race tracks to watch their favourite drivers slam the brakes and screech with their tires in a race for the finish line.

Visiting these race tracks is a sort of pilgrimage practised by Motorsports fans. And since watching a live Formula One event is the holy grail for most Motorsports fans, this adds to the excitement and fun.

Travelling to watch your favourite drivers slug it out on the world’s biggest race tracks is one of the perks of being a Formula One fan.

Formula One is a huge contributor to the history, tourism, and revenue drive of many cities around the world. There are hundreds of Motorsports racing tracks scattered across the globe.

Still, the ones that we’re about to list below are the most iconic racing tracks that we believe should be on the bucket list of any Formula One fan.

Our Racing Track Bucket List for Formula One Fans

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco hosts one of the most historical F1 racecourses. This vibrant French city is one of the world’s wealthiest cities. Its iconic race track circles around luxury yachts, adding to fan experiences as the world’s best drivers race for the finish line.

Silverstone, United Kingdom

For over 50 years, this iconic race track has produced some of the best F1 drivers, including Lewis Hamilton. Silverstone is by far a favorite race track for most drivers as most of them began their F1 journey at this iconic race track.

Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

Spa has one of the best-designed race tracks. Most drivers love it for its Eau Rouge and Raidillon challenge, which contributes to the intensity of the course. Spa is brilliantly situated right in the center of Ardennes Forest. It brings numerous F1 fans from all parts of the world to Belgium every year.

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Suzuka, Japan

Traveling to Japan to watch the Japanese Grand Prix should be on the bucket list of every true F1 fan. Japan has a bubbling Motorsports culture, and it embodies the spirit of F1. Do not forget that Japan is home to some of the most iconic cars, and it is a true spot for F1 lovers looking to connect with other F1 fans.

Monza, Italy

Monza hosts the Italian Grand Prix and is the birthplace of the Ferrari F1 team. Motorsports events in Monza always leave the city covered in red. This is a unique experience for both Ferrari and rival fans.


There you have it. The top F1 locations that we believe every F1 fan must visit. Do you agree with our list? What other iconic F1 spots do you think should have made it to our list? Let us know.