How To Become An F1 Driver

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Formula 1 is considered the pinnacle of motorsport in many respects. It gathers the most fans around the world, F1 cars are packed with the latest technology and cost millions, and the drivers are first-class racers who have no equal.

And what makes this competitive sport even more elite – there can be only 20 such drivers in the entire world.

It is harder to find a tougher selection in sports than in this case. To get into the top 20 first-class drivers, you need to have not only talent and exceptional racing skills. Often people find it difficult to combine sports with their personal life, work, and so many people give up sports before they have achieved any success. Nowadays, there are many ways to delegate some of your worries, for example, you can entrust your task to the best assignment writing service, and you can delegate household chores to professionals.

It is a time-consuming and costly affair, and it means spending a ton of time and even more money. It is also necessary to meet certain criteria for admission to the F1 world.

It all sounds as if ordinary people have a closed path to this type of motorsport. But as we see, someone still succeeds, so there is a way, even if it is extra hard.

So how to become a Formula 1 driver? Start with commitment

Having set a goal to become a formula driver, you choose a lifestyle, not a profession or hobby. You must always keep in mind that only hard work will lead to the dream goal.

F1 drivers train constantly, whether it’s racing, or mental or physical exercises, which are also a crucial part of the practice. This will all happen for a long period. That’s why you often have to sacrifice being with family and friends and be prepared for the fact that not everyone will believe in your success.

Official Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has also followed this path. Would he win the real formula 1 race 7 times if he gave up his ambition because of the other person’s doubts? Most likely not. And now he is a record holder, philanthropist, and activist.

Commitment opened up many opportunities for him and brought many fans. Someone admires his talent and tries to come to his last race in Miami. For some, he is more interesting as a media person. And someone learned about him as a gambler and a fan of low minimum deposit casinos Canada.

In a broad sense, he is a star. Yes, it takes complete devotion, time, focus, some sacrifice, and perseverance. Formula 1 requires years of practice, but this task is doable when the person is committed to it.

The competitive world of karting to start

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None of the drivers immediately starts practicing on expensive Formula 1 single-seats. It all starts with the base-karting. And often it happens at the young age of 3 or 5 y/o. Max Verstappen for example started at 4.

Kart racing allows you to practice the basic knowledge of riding on the racing track. Everything is almost like in F1 only on a smaller scale.

From an early age, drivers master to control the car at high speed, while maneuvering and avoiding collisions with rivals. At this stage, riders learn tricks and build tactics. They discover what their potential, strengths, and weaknesses are.

Do not perceive karting only as a platform for practice. It is also competitive motorsport with its championships and an important item in the resume for the future Formula 1 driver.

Always remember fundamentals

Formula 1 racing is a dangerous sport in which security is taken very seriously. And one of the main elements that ensure safety is the fundamental driving techniques that need to be constantly maintained.

The biggest pitfall prospective racers make is ignoring the basics. It does not matter how much experience the racer has – every so often techniques need to be tested and sharpened. Given the need to react blazing fast on the circuit, that skill must be part of the instincts.

Moving on to the top of the motorsport ladder

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It is almost impossible to jump from junior teams immediately to formula 1. To do this, you need to get competence and pass the levels in between. Like Formula Ford, then Super GT, then F One.

A formula 1 driver is required to have a Super License. And one of the conditions for obtaining it is to score 40 points over 3 seasons in any qualified championships.

Everything works as in a normal profession – you have to go through the lower tiers to get to the highest. Coming back to Hamilton, there were many other competitions in his formula 1racing career before Formula One. For example, European Formula Renault UK, Formula 3 Euro Series, Masters of Formula 3, GP2 Series.

Teams & sponsors building relationships

As soon as the racer achieves significant success, he has a chance to be noticed and taken to one of the teams involved in f1. Then you and the teamwork on each other. Of course, the cost of error at this stage is high. The smallest mistakes can be the last in cooperation – teams preserve their reputation. A bit harsh.

The same can be said about patrons. First of all, because of the high cost of participation in motorsports, it is necessary to have a good sponsor, unless your father is Lawrence Stroll or something.

The better you drive and the more you participate in competitions, the more media coverage you receive. As a result the more attention you receive from sponsors. This is exactly how advertising things are in advertising. As a result, you have financial support.

custom patches co

What do F1 fans love?

Often F1 drivers look like walking billboards. Their colorful racing suits are covered with custom patches with the logos of the companies that support the team, so this has turned into a unique fashion for fans who love racing.

People can make custom patches with images of F1 cars and flags to decorate their Flight jackets. Or even as gifts for family and friends. It is the best proof of fashion and love.