The smart way to gamble on motorsports

The smart way to gamble on motorsports f1

Whether you are a lover of Formula 1, Nascar, Rally or any of the popular motorsports, you’ll know your preference is the most exciting, dramatic and competitive around.

Most followers of motorsports have respect for the different disciplines but hold their love above the rest. Motorsport is one of the most popular type of sports in terms of fanbase, with millions of followers worldwide, ensuring it more than holds its own alongside the likes of soccer, American Football and horse racing.

For evidence of this, simply tune in to the next British Grand Prix at Silverstone or enjoy Nascar betting while watching the race live on television or on your smartphone.


F1 and Nascar are the two motorsports that attract the most attention from online bettors, with millions of wagers placed on the top races and championships every season. That comes as little surprise as the motorsports and online gambling has so much in common.

Both are fast-paced, unpredictable and exciting. If you love sports but haven’t yet enjoyed a bet on the outcome of a Grand Prix, we’re here to explain why you are missing out as well as what you can do to get more from the sport you love.

We have the advice and tips that can help you become a successful motorsports gambler.

There’s more to betting than winning

Champion Max Verstappen of Netherlands and Red Bull Racing celebrates on the podium with second placed Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP, third placed Carlos Sainz of Spain

There is much more to gambling on Nascar and F1 than simply choosing the driver you expect will win the next Grand Prix. Almost anyone can get lucky now and again by picking a winner, especially if they follow the betting and choose one of the favourites.

To take on the bookies, you must be making the right bets at the best odds through the most generous bookie and using the latest technology.

There are promotions available that increase your chances of making a profit, while features like cash-out and in-play betting help tip the balance of power from the bookies to the bettor.

One of the best strategies when betting on motorsports is to make full use of in-play or live gambling. This is a feature that most bettors know exists but very few properly understand how it works and how it can help improve their strike rate. That’s why we are here to help.

This article aims to bring you up to speed on how in-play betting works and, more importantly, how it can work for you. By the end of this page, you will be ready and able to beat the bookies using the in-play betting feature.

What is in-play betting?

You may see in-play betting listed on your betting app as live betting, but they are both the same thing. This feature allows you to gamble on sporting events such as a Nascar race that has already begun.

There will be a list of pre-race betting markets with odds attached, and when the race begins, the live betting trader will take charge.

They will monitor the race, and the odds offered, updating the odds and markets to reflect what’s happening.

For example, if one of the frontrunners suffers a crash and exits the race, the in-play betting trader will remove their name from the line-up and shorten the odds of the remaining favourites.

They will also add new markets to the betting, such as the next driver to exit the race or the number of finishers. The in-play trader is always busy to ensure that there’s always a bet of interest available.

How to use in-play betting


When betting in-play, you are involved in a straight shootout between yourself and the trader, and it becomes a test of skill and speed.

Follow the race – for instance, the Miami Grand Prix – closely and watch how the major places are playing out, then react to any changes. If the leader is taken over on a bend, you can get your bets on the new leader going on to win the race or the second fighting back.

The more attention you pay to the coverage of a Grand Prix, the more options you’ll find. Remember, you aren’t just looking for the race winner but podium finish, top-10 finish, number of finishers, each way and more.