Aston Martin Lagonda CEO steps down

Aston Martin Lagonda CEO steps down

Aston Martin Lagonda CEO steps down

The Aston Martin Lagonda group announced today that Chief Executive Officer Tobias Moers has stepped down with Amedeo Felisa replacing him effective immediately.

Aston Martin said in a statement that Moers will be standing down by mutual agreement, having joined the company back in May 2020 to replace Andy Palmer at the time.

Amedeo Felisa, who replaced Moers as CEO, is a former Ferrari CEO and has been a member of the Board of Directors at Aston Martin in the role of non-executive director since 2021, after 26 years spent at Ferrari.

The statement said: “With Aston Martin set to enter a new phase of growth and development, Amedeo will focus on delivering the Company’s continued strategic objectives, financial targets and roadmap towards electrification.

“To meet these goals, Amedeo is to implement and lead a new organisational structure with a focus on broadening the technical team through the promotion of internal talent together with added expertise of strategic external hires, identified and set to be announced in the coming weeks.”

Aston Martin also appointed Roberto Fedeli, also a previous Ferrari employee, as Chief Technical Officer.

Aston Martin Chairman Lawrence Stroll said in the statement: “Firstly, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for all that Tobias has achieved. He joined Aston Martin at a critical time for the Company and brought significant discipline to its operations. The benefit of these actions is clear in the improved operating performance of the Company and in our great new product launches.

“Now, there is a need for the business to enter a new phase of growth with a new leadership team and structure to ensure we deliver on our goals. Our new organisational framework will support the Company to its full potential, foster greater collaboration, a more cohesive way of working, both internally and externally, especially with our strategic partners, including Mercedes-Benz AG, and further accelerate technology transfer programmes with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula OneTM Team.

“I am extremely pleased that Amedeo has agreed to take on the role of CEO. He has extensive knowledge of both Aston Martin’s business and the wider automotive industry with an excellent track record and previous experience of leading a major ultra-luxury car manufacturer. His technical acumen and charisma will be inspirational for the entire Company.

“With the appointment of Roberto, we add another world class name to our team. He will help us deliver our future strategy, with a particular focus on technology advancements, and our in-house engineering capabilities, as we move towards electrification. Roberto is a proven innovator and team builder. He conceived some of the world’s most desirable performance sports cars. His extensive experience of this sector, coupled with his leadership style, will contribute significantly to shape our exciting future product portfolio and reinvigorate our technical team.

“We believe these changes will bring significant long-term benefits to everyone involved with Aston Martin. We are poised to deliver good growth in 2022 and remain extremely confident in the medium and long-term prospects for the Company as we transform Aston Martin into the world’s most desirable ultra-luxury British performance brand.”

New Aston Martin CEO Amedeo Felisa said: “It is very exciting for me to take on this role at Aston Martin as we embark on the Company’s next phase of growth. I have great confidence in Lawrence’s vision, and I’m grateful for his, and the Board’s, trust in my leadership.

“Over the past year, through my work as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Product Strategy Committee, I have come to know Aston Martin and its senior leadership team very well. I know there is an impressive pool of talent inside the Company, as well as an extraordinary technological ecosystem in the UK, made up of innovators, universities, automotive and racing specialists, with whom we want to deepen our relationships.

“We have a clear objective to continue the transformation of Aston Martin into an ultra-luxury, high-performance brand and become a leader in our sector. We have a highly experienced and talented team throughout the organisation that together will enable us to achieve our goals. We have a tremendous opportunity to shape and enhance the uniqueness of Aston Martin’s future products, and to further grow our appeal with new customers by harnessing the introduction of new technologies, electrification, connectivity and innovative materials.”