Binotto: Ferrari better prepared for 2022 development fight

Binotto: Ferrari better prepared for 2022 development fight

Binotto: Ferrari better prepared for 2022 development fight

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto claims his team is much more prepared to fight their rivals in 2022 on the development front, after previously being lacking in that area.

Ferrari have come into the 2022 Formula 1 season very well prepared, with their F1-75 trading places with Red Bull’s RB18 on the top of the pecking order, but with a long season, development will be the name of the game this year, and while Binotto admits his team couldn’t keep up with others in that department in previous years, the Scuderia has since got their act together.

“Keeping up the level on a long season is a challenge, not just for us but all the teams,” Binotto told F1’s official website. “It’s true that our competitors have very strong development; in 2017 and ‘18 we lost a bit of ground.

“But since then, in car design, we have improved our [wind] tunnel, technologies, processes and simulations and so today we are much better prepared than in the past to do a good job with development,” he added.


“We [also] have a budget cap which will affect the rate of development – we need to make sure we have the right policy on that, as it could be a game-changer in the fight for development,” Binotto warned.

Ferrari power unit no longer a disadvantage

Ferrari seem to have to gone racing in 2022 with a “spicy” power unit of their own, as even their customer teams seem to be enjoying straight line grunt if the first two races are anything to go by, which represents a great turnaround for the Italian outfit.

“Last year we had a disadvantage and we tried to catch up and now we are more in line,” Binotto revealed. “In the first two races, so far it seems the difference is very little – and we are reaching a convergence.

“Where [the engine] was a disadvantage for us last year, it isn’t anymore,” he insisted.

The Australian Grand Prix is up next on the calendar, and the Ferrari boss claims nothing significant will change in the team’s car in Melbourne.

“It’s not just a matter of when we will be ready but a matter of budget caps, making sure we are not spending all we have got in the first races,” Binotto explained.

“We are not expecting significant upgrades for the next race in Melbourne, but as soon as we can bring something, we will do it,” he maintained.

The jury is still out whether Ferrari can sustain a season-long Title battle against the formidable force of Red Bull, and Mercedes if the latter decide to join the party any time soon after their troubled start to the season.

But the Maranello squad have started strong on various occasions only to lose steam, or development direction halfway in their campaign, so it remains to be seen if this will be the case this year.

All signs up to now show the Reds as favourites, but the season is still young.