no war-f1 drivers protest unite

Formula 1 drivers call for racing to unite and say NO WAR

no war-f1 drivers protest unite

Formula 1 drivers united to decry the Russia-Ukraine War today, posing for photos wearing ‘No War’ t-shirts sending a blatant message that pretty much sums up global sentiment on the matter.

Photos of F1 drivers posing on the Bahrain Grand Prix grid went viral as soon as they were released. Notably absent was frequent activist Lewis Hamilton who was jetting into the country after attending Paris fashion week, as the ‘No War’ photo-op with his peers took place.

The large NO WAR banner and the Ukraine flag were in the photo which was an initiative by the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) hashtagged #RacingUnited

The world is a different place today than it was less than a month ago as Vladimir Putin exercises colonial ambitions to obliterate Ukraine while the international community watches helplessly with Russians apparently oblivious to the carnage and civil casualties of the invaders.

Water-tight media control by Putin’s governing regime is reportedly keeping Russuins in the dark about what is exactly happening, while the west is shocked by continuous streams images from Ukraine under siege.

F1 has already terminated the Russian Grand Prix contract for the foreseeable future, while sanctions tighten on Russians, sporting bodies have banned Russian athletes and teams from competing in internationally sanctioned events.

Motorsport UK went further by banning all Russian teams and drivers from competing in their sanctioned events in the United Kingdom, which signalled the beginning of the end for Russian driver Nikita Mazepin who was set for a second season with Haas funded by his billionaire father Dmitry Mazepin’s through his company Uralkali.

But the war has put paid to those ambitions, ditched by Haas, Uralkali are now seeking the immediate refund of payments already made for the 2022 season.

Led by Hamilton, F1 drivers have used the spotlight of the sport to highlight social issues in recent years, with this ‘No War’ statement another signal that the sport cares.