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Inside Line: F1 Polls and why your opinion matters

polls grandprix247-001

Because we value our readers here at  GRANDPRIX247, we are positioning occasional F1 Polls at the foot of select posts, a concept we are re-introducing to gauge our readers’ opinions.

We tried the idea before several years ago and to be honest the engagement was poor at the time, hence our first roll-out of F1 polls went on the backburner.

Times have changed since then, and increasingly, reader opinions matter as a gauge of the collective mood prevailing in Formula 1 through the narrative we deliver to our readers.

The WP-Poll system we are using does not require sign-in while votes that are cast are counted anonymously, with one vote allowed per IP address. No personal data gathering or any such gimmicks.

Collectively our team have agreed not to overkill every post with a poll but rather those that are opinion driven, while posts polling race predictions, race reviews, drivers, teams…etc, will appear as and when race weekends approach.

Typically voting for a post will be open for seven days before it is closed.

Apart from gauging opinion, F1 Polls also provides our vibrant and knowledgeable community of readers a way to be further involved and engaged with the in-depth and independent news we put out there about the sport we live and love.

If you as a reader you like the polling concept for this site, show your support by clicking your vote when they appear.

To officially kick start Polling on GRANDPRIX247, here we go:

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