Formula One Inspired Game

History of games inspired by Formula 1

Formula One Inspired Game

A trend that we commonly come across is that any type of sport that has a steady fan base is oftentimes used as inspiration for various video games, Formula One-inspired for example.

That’s why it really comes as no surprise that F1 inspired various different game titles and genres.

From the early types of arcade racing, over Neue Online Casinos all the way to full-on racing simulations, Formula One is quite a common theme many gamers enjoy. That being said, let’s explore some of the most common types of F1-inspired sims and see what makes them so popular.


Arcades and Casino Games

As mentioned previously, the first F1-inspired game first appeared in arcades. However, as these started to gain more and more in popularity, so did the expansion of this theme to other game types. That’s why it’s nowadays super easy to find not just F1-inspired arcades, but also various other casino games as well. So, no matter which of these you’re interested in checking out, chances are they will be super easy to find and enjoy.

PC & Computer

Aside from arcades and various other casinos (both online and offline), there’s also a plethora of different F1-inspired computer games. Even though the majority of these are mostly racing simulators, a wide variety of options and different features is what makes each title feel quite unique. On top of that, as the technology continued to evolve, so did in-game graphics, which made some of the latest look and feel super realistic.

Console Games

Of course, where there are PC games, there are also console games following closely behind. Ever since the early ‘90s, F1- inspired racing sims were one of the most popular types of consoles. Needless to say, their popularity and overall appeal only encouraged game developers to broaden the variety of titles even further, which only made millions and millions of console gamers fall in love with even more.

Mobile & Smartphone

In the end, the list simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the mobile games. With mobile gaming being on a steady rise, fans of this type of gaming can also enjoy quite a wide variety of different titles. What’s more, since the mobile gaming market is quite a young one, mobile gamers can only expect the selection of mobile-friendly titles to continue to be on a steady rise.

So, if you too are a huge F1 fan, consider checking out some of the F1-inspired. The only thing that can be more fun than watching your favourite sport is playing a game that’s heavily inspired by it.