Top 5 F1 Predictions For The 2022 Season

2022 formula 1 cars f1 predictions

In 1950, Formula One began as a World Championship, this year – 2022 – the 72nd F1 season takes place and here are some predictions worth noting before the action begins with the first test in Barcelona next month.

Apart from anticipating and enjoying the new season of F1, some people use it as an opportunity to earn some more money by betting on their team or driver through M88 Mansion or other similar betting sites.

Before you place your bets, it’s wise that you look into predictions first to see which teams and drivers could maximize your wins. With that said, here are the top predictions for the 2022 season:

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Battle Between Verstappen And Hamilton

In the last year’s season, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had a tough race at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. Max was battling for his first-ever championship, while Lewis was fighting for his eighth after defeating Michael Schumacher, who has a world record of having seven titles. As the battle finished, Max was lucky enough to grab his first championship, leaving a mark in F1 history.

Throughout the F1 2021 season, there was always an intense rivalry between Max and Lewis. With that, there’s a high chance that the heat may continue to arise in the next season. So, place your bets between these two racing drivers at any online sports betting, and you should be able to get your money’s worth.

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World Champions in the mix for the F1 Driver’s Standings

This 2022 could be an excellent opportunity for the four world champions to be on the top driver’s standings. It’ll be the battle of the champions as they fight for the most podium standing throughout the season.

It’s relatively apparent that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton would continue to be on the top – given their battle history. Moreover, two other world champions could be joining the fun.

Fernando Alonso has been a two-time world champion. He also had a good record in the 2021 season under Alpine’s territory. Because of his steady and outstanding performance throughout last year’s season, he may be one of the top drivers for 2022.

Joining Alonzo will be Sebastian Vettel, who has been a four-time world champion. Steadily, Vettel has shown great skills for the entire race in 2021, which may allow him to land his place on the top drivers standing for 2022.

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Haas To Score Points

Unfortunately, Haas wasn’t able to gather any points from the past season as their two drivers, Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin, weren’t able to get in the top lists on any race. Before blaming the drivers, their car’s machine might not be giving them maximum potential as they still haven’t updated their vehicle since then.

This year, Haas has updated their car with a stronger and faster machine that can finally compete with its competitors better. With their upgrades, Mick or Nikita can score a podium for the 2022 season and gain the constructor’s point for Haas.

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Alfa Romeo Will Gain Incredibly

Alfa Romeo will have a complete refresh of drivers for the 2022 season. This year, they’ll be making Valtteri Bottas, a former Mercedes driver, their number one driver. Also joining the team, Guanyu Zhou is a former F2 driver. With their new team-up, there’s a great chance that they can fight the race incredibly for the entire season.

Along with having great drivers, Alfa Romeo’s team also upgraded their cars to be stronger and faster, improving their possibility to top the constructor’s standing. However, you shouldn’t expect too much as it’s their first year with new upgrades and drivers, giving them a little time to adjust to their new machines and play.

Sebastian Vettel fuel disqualification

Sebastian Vettel To Retire

During the 2021 season, Kimi Raikkonen retired from his career. While everyone was sad to see him leave the track for good, Kimi had a promising racing career that he’s absolutely happy and proud of. As another year approaches, it might be possible that the 2022 season will be the last year for Sebastian Vettel if he chooses to retire.

There’s no definite statement from Sebastian Vettel that he’ll be leaving F1 for good and will continue to spend the rest of his years with his family. However, people believed he fought a hard battle for years after gaining several world championships. But if Aston Martin fails to give him an improved car for the 2022 season, there might be a great chance that it’ll be the last year for Sebastian Vettel to be on track.

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The Verdict

A lot can happen to all drivers and teams in the 2022 season. Apart from the massive car upgrades from various teams, there’s also a great mix of drivers switching from one group to another. It’s exciting to anticipate how the chemistry will be in the following race. With that said, everyone should sit back and wait for the exciting new season to come.