Betting Tips for Formula 1 Races

f1 betting 2019 Australian Grand Prix start

Formula 1 racing was launched in the 1950’s and while it has an English image, international drivers have prevailed, the first F1 world champion was an Argentine legend, Juan Manuel Fangio!

Thanks to a strange combination of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Mercedes, this driver dominated the 1950s races and won the title five times in one decade!

Of course, everything has changed at the moment, and Formula 1 has entered the races of a lot of great cars and professional drivers, which has increased the popularity of this sport all over the world from Bahrain to Monaco and even Mexico.

Currently, Formula 1 is one of the most popular racing sports in the world, and that is reflected in sports betting as well. In this article, we will give you the most important tips that you can rely on to improve your results in betting on Formula 1.

Find Out About the Weather Before Placing Your F1 Bet

The main factor that can help you predict the outcome of Formula 1 races is the weather! So always check the racing city temperature so you can place a proper bet as the weather can affect the outcome of F1 racing more than any other sport.

For example, if the weather is excellent and the sky is blue and clear, the weather will not be a factor, so all teams will have equal chances of winning.

However, when the weather is bad, some problems will occur and the results will be different and out of your expectations, so you should look for the following aspects when checking the weather:

  • Individual driver performance in bad weather (Newer drivers may have a problem!).
  • Historical weather data for the course.
  • Current forecast.
  • Advice tracking.

Know the nature of the track before betting

You need to be aware of the nature and length of the track and compare it to the ability of the car and the driver. Each track is unique and tests the car’s power, durability, speed and driver skill differently. Also, each track presents a unique challenge.

Each company has its own preferences for the cars it makes. For example, there are some cars that are designed to give better cornering performance, while there are some other cars that are fast on straight tracks.

The other factor that affects the results of F1 races is temperature or humidity. This factor has a direct impact on engines and car bodies. So you should watch past races to get an idea of ​​the impact of these effects.

A prime example of a highly complex track is the Bahrain Grand Prix, this track creates more challenges for the competing teams than any other track. The track not only consists of four long lanes, but also has many challenging and medium-speed corners.

This combination of straight tracks and sharp turns challenges both the nature of cars and the professionalism of drivers more than any other track!

Bahrain is also known for its high temperatures with low humidity, which puts enormous stress on the engines as well as the brakes. The trainings conducted by the racers give you an overview of the car’s endurance, the professionalism of the drivers and the conduct of the actual race.

Find the best value

In order to find the best value in your bets on Formula 1racing, you should look for the best-qualified drivers to win. Underdogs seldom win, Favorites often win. If the difference between the favorite and the underdog is limited, you can apply the matching betting strategy.

This strategy requires the player to register with two or more sports betting sites not on gamstop, and place a different bet on each site using the bonuses and promotions available. Thus, you have a sure chance of winning.

Bet on your F1 favorites

Some Grand Prix races feature an unusually narrow track. In these races it is best to bet on the winner of the first place in the qualifiers.

Better teams get better results

“Two is stronger than one” This is also true for F1 teams! An outstanding driver with a professional fellow can benefit more than a driver with a less professional fellow. And each other’s stopping and drafting tactics can greatly affect the race.

Watch practice sessions

You can get some data about races and qualifying but not all of the data will be available to you. The F1 weekend race starts on Friday with two practice sessions.

Watching these sessions can give you your first real insight into the car’s additional features, and a new race pace on the track. An accident, mechanical failure or collision during these periods could have a detrimental effect on the remainder of the Grand Prix due to the reduced maintenance time.

Use Formula 1 stats

It is more important to learn about sports statistics to know the background about your favorite race than your ability to place a good bet.

Choose your favorite driver!

In all sports betting sites determine a driver or team to be underdog, and the other driver or team to be favourite. Since the favourite has more chances of winning, the profits are less, and the underdog has fewer chances of winning and therefore gets lower profits.

However, this certainly does not apply to Formula 1 racing! In this sport, the best drivers always win. Statistically speaking, the driver who starts first wins 50% of the races, and this percentage increases dramatically as the driver wins previous races.

Therefore, it is always better to choose the favourite driver.