Marko: Hamilton far too good to stop

Marko: Hamilton far too good to stop

Marko: Hamilton far too good to stop

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko commented on the rumors claiming that Lewis Hamilton would retire saying the Briton is too good to stop.

Ever since the 2021 Formula 1 season was over in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago, and the controversies that followed, rumors have been ignited that claimed Lewis Hamilton might be contemplating a shock retirement from the sport.

As it is well known by now, the most exciting season in F1’s recent history ended on controversy under the floodlights of Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina, due to how the race director Michael Masi managed the Safety Car Period at the end of the race, which prompted Mercedes to protest the race results immediately after the chequered flag was waved, and then threatening to appeal after their protest was rejected, to come out four days later and announce that they will drop the appeal.

But with Hamilton silent ever since, unfollowing everyone on Instagram, and his team boss Toto Wolff saying that he “would very much hope Lewis continues racing because he is the greatest driver of all time”, the retirement rumors refused to fade.

Marko believes Hamilton can deal with defeat

It has been revealed since, that Hamilton will actually be racing in 2022, as reported by Motorsport’s Italian branch, and speaking about the seven-time F1 Champion’s retirement rumors to, Marko said: “Lewis will do everything to win the eighth title.

“He is still far too good to stop. He was able to deal with defeat before and can do so now,” the Austrian claimed.

Young gun George Russell will be sharing the Mercedes garage with Hamilton in 2022, replacing the Alfa Romeo-bound Valtteri Bottas, with Marko giving his thoughts on that.

“The only thing I’m looking forward to is how much pressure his new team-mate George Russell can put on Hamilton,” Marko revealed. “Bottas couldn’t do that. That could then be an advantage for us.”

Newly crowned F1 Champion Max Verstappen said to Servus Tv: “Of course Lewis will also be driving next year, I never doubted it.”

Marko’s 2022 predictions

The 2022 season is a highly anticipated one, with radically new F1 cars planned, with a new aerodynamic philosophy employing ground effect to generate down force, and new 18″ tyres making their debut.

Mercedes and Red Bull kept working on their cars till the end of the 2021 season despite claims from both of them and especially Mercedes suggesting otherwise, with the reasoning being focus on the 2022 racing machines.

It remains to be seen whether the 2021 Title fight has jeopardized the two team’s 2022 prospects, with pre-season testing scheduled for six days split between Barcelona (23-25 February 2021) and Bahrain (11-13 March 2021), ahead of the season opening race being on the 20th of March.

Asked about his expectations of next year’s pecking order, Marko told Servus TV: “At the moment, we believe that we are almost on a par with Mercedes.

“We believe that we are both at the front again, unless someone manages a golden shot like with the double diffuser,” he said referencing the loophole Ross Brawn and his Brawn GP outfit used in the 2009 season to win the title double that year with Jenson Button.

“Max drove in the simulator in between races,” Marko went on. “He can drive a car that is relatively unstable in the rear.

“For him, the car has to be as fast as possible, [so] it doesn’t have to be comfortable,” the 78-year-old claimed.