abu dhabi grand prix f1 betting hamilton verstappen

Was 2021 the Closest F1 Season of All Time?

abu dhabi grand prix f1 betting hamilton verstappen

There have been some incredible finishes to Formula 1 seasons over the years, with the most recent coming in 2021.

The final race of the season was the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and although we were expecting plenty of drama, no one could have predicted what was going to happen.

Both Lewis Hamilton, the defending F1 champion, and Max Verstappen, the contender, came into the final race of the season together on 369.5 points.

The action really started to unfold in the latter stages of the race and Verstappen overtook Hamilton in the final lap of the race to win the drivers’ championship. However, there was a controversial safety car restart at the latter stages of the race which had a massive impact on proceedings.

On lap 53, the safety car was out following a crash and while Hamilton remained on the track, Verstappen decided to pit and change to a fresh set of tyres. As the Dutchman emerged from the pits, there were five cars between himself and Hamilton, all of which had been lapped.

Initially, the drivers were told not to overtake but were then given permission to unlap themselves by race director, Michael Masi. As soon as Sebastian Vettel passed the safety car, one final lap was announced, and Verstappen used that time and his new tyres to overtake Hamilton and win the race.

Mercedes protested the result of the race immediately but with no success, despite the fact Hamilton commented on how the result had been “manipulated” when speaking to his team on the radio from his car.

It was a thrilling day of racing for the fans and anyone who had a wager on the outcome would have been on the edge of their seat. You do not want to miss out on any of the action next season and we recommend you take advantage of some excellent betting offers ahead of the new F1 season.

The head-to-head between Hamilton and Verstappen is arguably the closest F1 season of all time, especially as the result was decided on the final lap in the last race of the season. However, there have been many close seasons in F1 history, including the famous battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

The two drivers were the perfect clash, with the carefree, all-out driving style of Hunt compared to the calculating, precise approach of Lauda. They also had completely different personalities off the track and that made for a great spectacle.

Having survived a horrific crash earlier in the 1976 season, Lauda continued to race but it was Hunt who came out on top, winning by a single point.

Some of the other tense finishes to an F1 season include Michael Schumacher vs Damon Hill in 1994, with the German winning by 1 point going into the final race. The drivers collided on lap 35, with many onlookers claiming Schumacher caused it on purpose to ensure neither car would finish, and he would win the title.

In 2015, we saw a three-way battle for the drivers’ championship between Kimi Raikkonen vs Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso end in a 1-point victory for the former and in 1984, Lauda beat Alain Prost by just half a point.