Formula One F1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - December 12, 2021 General view of the grid at the start of the race REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

The Great Moments of F1 Finale in Abu Dhabi

Formula One F1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - December 12, 2021 General view of the grid at the start of the race REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Formula 1’s most anticipated and Grand Prix events globally. Every year, thousands of racing fans travel overseas to witness the intense battle on the tracks. And it is all worth it in the end!

Since 2014, the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi has hosted the finale of the F1 Grand Prix. And recently, the contract for hosting the finale was also bagged by Abu Dhabi. Not only this year, but Abu Dhabi bagged the opportunity for a decade, which means that fans will get to visit the middle east till 2030.

Why F1 in Abu Dhabi?

It has been exciting news for the fans out there. There are numerous factors behind the fact that Abu Dhabi got this chance. The first one is the racing experience that the management provides the spectators. The two circuits, i.e., Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Yas Marina Circuit, will continue to welcome spectators and TV viewers from all over the world to Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, he said that the signing of a new multi-year deal with the Formula 1 Group is not only representing the strength of Abu Dhabi’s relationship with Formula 1 Group. It also reaffirms the commitment to deliver an unparalleled and world-class race weekend experience for all spectators globally to enjoy watching their favorite racers.

So, if you are an F1 Grand Prix fan, you will get to visit Dubai for the next 10 years! Here are some of the great moments of the finales at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit.

Sebastian Vettel bags the F1 trophy at Yas Marina Circuit – 2009

The F1 Grand Prix finale of 2009 was hosted by Abu Dhabi, where Sebastian Vettel turned out to be the victor. It was the first race of Grand Prix that took place on this track that had 21 turns. The racing track was a part of the whopping $40 billion dollar project designed by Hermann Tilke.

Other than the racetrack, the Yas Island development project also included a luxury hotel in the middle.

2012 Rollercoaster Grand Prix Finale

It was a roller-coaster finale of F1 in Abu Dhabi. The victor of this Grand Prix race was Kimi Räikkönen, who got his winning title after witnessing a race filled with chaos. Some serious moments in this race made the audience bite their nails.

One of the chaotic moments was when Nico Rosberg and Narain Karthikeyan smashed their cars into each other badly. The incident was serious enough to attract the safety car. Other than this, another incident of the race made the safety car take a trip.

Lewis Hamilton vs. Nico Rosberg – 2014

The 2014 version of the Grand Prix finale was a tough encounter between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. It was one of the most extreme races between both. The two drivers were neck-to-neck throughout the race.

In the end, Hamilton managed to bag the trophy with a narrow margin of a few milliseconds. Hamilton had to push hard to get the title since this was his second win in Abu Dhabi. The key and a bit scary thing about the race was when Nico Rosberg’s car caught fire in the end. Surprisingly, his car seemed to have some engine issue, speculating the reason for his defeat.

This was the only Grand Prix race where the race drivers were awarded double points. It was also the first modern turbo-hybrid race.

The Return of Nico Rosberg – 2015

The 2015 version of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was memorable for Nico Rosberg. It was his final race, and he managed to win it in style. He had announced his retirement earlier that year, and this victory was the perfect way to bow out.

Rosberg led from start to finish in this race, and his victory margin was high. Hamilton didn’t manage to bag any points in this race. So, it was kind of redemption for Nico Rosberg over Lewis Hamilton, although both stand for Mercedes.


The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix continues to be one of the most highly anticipated races on the Formula 1 calendar, and we cannot wait to see what exciting moments it will bring in the years to come! If you want to witness these moments on your phone or television, you can.

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These are some of the best memories of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Finale over the years. In this year’s 2021 Grand Prix results, Max Verstappen emerged as the Victor. He was +2.256s ahead of Lewis Hamilton and registered his second consecutive win. He defeated Valtteri Bottas in 2020 by +15.976s.