Barcelona renews Spanish Grand Prix contract until 2026

F1 Barcelona renews Spanish Grand Prix contract until 2026

Formula 1 took to the media to officially announce that Barcelona will remain a destination in its calendar till 2026 following the renewal of its contract with the circuit.

Ever since it opened in 1991, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has been a pivotal venue for Formula and it has been added to the provisional 2022 calendar, which is subjected to signing a new contract.

The sport had previously discussed the track’s outdated facilities and the need to improve it for the famous sport to continue hosting its events there, as the circuit has been used for testing as well as hosting the Spanish Grand Prix. A statement released from Formula 1 stated that the new deal confirmed, alongside that those obligations will be achieved.

The circuit will keep hosting the Catalan Grand Prix in MotoGP alongside hosting F1 as part of the new arrangements in the new contract.

Catalonia’s local government approved of the circuit’s wish to sign the new contract, considering the commitment it has shown to make the necessary upgrades to facilities, as well as the new environment plans to ensure the track will be “more eco-friendly” said Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

Speaking to the media regarding the new deal, “We are delighted to announce this deal with Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Teams and drivers always look forward to racing at the circuit and visiting Barcelona

“I want to thank the promoter and the authorities for their enthusiasm and commitment to keeping Formula 1 in Barcelona, with improvements that will be made to the track and facilities, continuing our long history together.

“The teams and drivers always look forward to racing at the circuit and visiting Barcelona, and the Spanish fans will continue to see their national heroes, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, up close.”

Catalan Minister of Business and Labour and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya President, Roger Torrent said: “We welcome the renewal of this contract, which includes a mutual commitment clause to help us turn Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya into a model and world benchmark of sustainability applied to this type of facilities.

“We want the circuit to become an exponent of the green transformation and the adaptation of infrastructures to the demands of the climate emergency.”

The government claimed that the hosting of the event in Barcelona will be worth around €200million (£169-million) to the local economy, with the city known as a favourite destination for fans from online gambling every year.

With the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit’s future known, the Spanish Grand Prix for 2022 will be held on the weekend of May 20-22 just as it was planned before when it was forced back a few weeks from its date so the new Miami GP could be hosted.