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Upper Cut: Time to have fun and enjoy what’s left of F1 2021

f1 lewis hamilton Nicole Scherzinger

As the brilliant and most memorable 2021 Formula 1 World Championship season reaches its conclusion the narrative has become too serious and negative.

So, before we all re-engage the necessary evil, and the season continues this weekend, I present this edition of Undercut in a light-hearted manner to celebrate a quirk of F1 culture that I stumbled across as a bit of relief.

We all now live in a new IT era, and consequently, our passion and interests generally cross multiple media platforms.

In a complete act of randomness, I recently found myself entering searches of F1 driver names in a mainstream music streaming service and was pleasantly surprised with the result.


I must preface that I had heard this before, but had forgotten it, because of age, not merit. Earlier in his career Lewis Hamilton embraced his passion for music and composing when he was in a relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.

Embracing his passion for music, several years later he collaborated with Christina Aguilera and was featured on her 2018 track Pipe, and to me, he didn’t sound out of place.

In more recent times, Hamilton has openly talked about pursuing his interest in the music industry further when he eventually retires from driving in F1.

Blue Flag!

Who can forget Suzuka 2016 and Sebastian Vettel’s radio commentary about the practical application of blue flag rules? Well, apparently an artist using the handle of $eb Vettel can’t either, and the short but funny track,

The Blue Flag Song for any F1 enthusiast is a hilarious self-deprecating craic by one of the sports true genuine characters.


Whether you’re a Max fan or not is irrelevant. The passion of The Pit Stop Boys for the sport of F1 and the passion for their hero driver is what it is all about.

The Dutch certainly have their own way, and believe it or not, it is hardly unusual to hear the ‘eff and ‘C’ words in everyday dialogue during any mainstream F1 telecast commentary.

Jo F*ckingjo!

Enjoy the rest of the 2021 season, starting with this weekend’s first ever Qatar Grand Prix, folks, but remember that as serious as it may get, let’s have fun if we can at the same time.