hamilton verstappen crash 2021 Italian Grand Prix Monza collide collision accident

Who will win the Formula 1 World Championship this year?

hamilton verstappen crash 2021 Italian Grand Prix Monza collide collision accident

Car racing traces its inception in the late nineteenth century in France; seeing German domination in the twenties followed by Italian supremacy in the thirties.

The modern style of car racing commenced in 1950. From then on car racing better known as Formula 1 became one of the most followed events in the sporting calendar. The Italian famous “Red Horse” (Ferrari), Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin to mention a few became the familiar face of Formula 1 racing.

Predicting who will win the World Drivers’ Championship this year is very difficult. Having capable drivers like Hamilton, Verstappen, Vettel and Alonso in the driving seats makes this event one of the most spectacular events of the year. The 23-race season is all up for grabs both for the individual drivers as well as the motor companies competing in the races.

Every supporter is looking forward to seeing how the duel between Red Bull and Mercedes will perform and how the direct clash between Hamilton versus Verstappen will evolve. This is indeed a clash of the titans which may eventually produce the winner for this year. It all depends on whether the Red Bull can continue on their winning sphere of last year and whether Mercedes have addressed its shortcomings to make a serious challenge for the title.

However, these are not the only two car companies/drivers vying for the title. One cannot exclude the Ferrari, McLaren, Honda or the Aston Martin. These can pride themselves with world-class drivers like Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. This mixture of new technology and the driving abilities of the drivers will bring colour and excitement to this year’s Grand Prix.

If we had to look at sportsbooks on who will win this year’s World drivers championships, there is only one driver that could take the top spot, the one that will rise supreme on the podium. The odds predict that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes to be the first to make it over the dotted line and navigate themselves to the eighth title this year. Others are more confident that 2021 will be Red Bull’s year.

Like the Roman Empire every successful organization has its expiry date and a new entity emerges from the ashes. This year’s emerging entity might as well be Red Bull. The clash between these two big titans is too close to call. At the end of the day, it will probably boil down to the tactical strategy of the racing team and the perception of the drivers themselves to make it over the finishing line and win this year’s title.

The other members of the pack will fight it out for third, fourth places. McLaren and Aston Martin are the best equipped to finish third/fourth with the Ferrari and AlphaTauri placing further behind. But predictions are predictions and in a 23-race season anything can happen and anyone can take advantage of the other’s shortcomings which can eventually lead to challenging the odds and take this year’s title.

This is the beauty of this sport which brings agitation to the racing team, the drivers and most of all the public who vehemently follow their idols and cars at each race.

Whilst we all look forward to this colourful season we sincerely hope that the best racing team/driver will win and that no serious incidents or injury will occur. And in a world where sports has finally resumed, punters will be looking to the top bookmaker ratings and review sites to snatch the best odds and wagers. If you had to ask us who to bet on, you would know our answer.

This year is Hamilton’s year, at least we hope and feel. Having said that, sport is all about upsets and could there be a better driver out there who could pull the Formula 1 upset of the season? As sports betting sites predict, an offense at this stage would be quite handy, as Hamilton continues to cruise away into strandom, all the way to helping us win our bets.

This year’s Drivers world championship is lucrative, fierce and competitive, and these are the 3 elements that complement and make our betting an interesting one. Let the betting begin.