Porsche “seriously” looking into Formula 1

Porsche are serious in considering a Formula 1 involvement

With the new Formula 1 power unit rules close to finalization, and many changes applied to attract new manufacturers, Porsche have come out and said they are “seriously” looking into an involvement in the sport.

The major change was removing the MGU-H part of the power units, in what seemed to be a bid to appease VW Group, of which Porsche is a member.

The latest statements from Porsche were made by their Sporting Director Thomas Laudenbach, speaking to RTL that his company is “seriously” looking into an F1 foray and that it is “no secret that we are thinking about it”.

That proves that the anticipated changes for the power units post 2025, might just have served their purpose.

Going further the Porsche Director said: “The value of Formula 1 in terms of marketing and PR is undisputed.”

The most recent meeting between the stakeholders regarding the subject was held over the weekend of the 2021 Italian Grand Prix in Monza, with the changes later revealed, while not being finalized.

“As far as I know, things are going in the right direction in Formula 1,” Laudenbach admitted, before going on to detail what factors in Porsche’s decision whether to join F1 or not.

“Motorsport must remain relevant for series production, so electrification must be emphasized more. Also in Formula 1,” he explained.

“The budget cap is already a first step, such a limit must also apply to the drivers, it is under discussion,” Laudenbach continued highlighting the budget cap as another factor they are considering.

Porsche want to make sure that all participants in F1 are able to compete for victory before committing to the sport, something Mercedes’ Toto Wolff is not so keen about, when he labeled F1 as the Champions League.

“Entry only makes sense if there is a change in the regulations that means that all competitors can start on the same basis,” said Laudenbach, and summed things up by saying that the package had to fit “in every detail”, before the final decision is made.

Porsche’s last involvement in F1 was in 1991 as a an engine supplier for Footwork (four races). They also famously supplied McLaren with engines branded TAG Heuer/Porsche, between 1983 and 1987.

Over those five seasons, McLaren won two Constructors’ Titles in 1984 and 1985, with Niki Lauda taking the Drivers’ Crown in 1984 while Alain Prost won in 1985.