lewis hamilton mercedes old man beard
lewis hamilton old man beard

Hamilton: Education I know is key for every child

Kids on a tour of the Mercedes Formula 1 factory in Brackley were in for a shock when an elderly, bespectacled Mercedes engineer morphed into world champion Lewis Hamilton.

This is the Press Release:

UBS, the leading global wealth manager, recently arranged for three pupils from a primary school in Camden to visit the home of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team, with a special surprise meeting with seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton at the end of the factory tour.


The children were chosen for their interest in STEM subjects and desire for a career in the engineering and automotive industries. They were shown around the Team’s Brackley factory and introduced to some of the different roles that are essential to delivering a championship-winning car.

Hamilton had a little fun with the visitors, disguising himself as an engineer at first before taking off his mask to surprise them. He then sat down with the students to talk about the importance of education, a positive mental attitude and dedication.

Hamilton said: “Education I know is key for every child and we’re in a time more than ever before where we need to make sure we’re providing opportunities and also enabling the younger generation to understand what they are.

“There are a lot of youngsters who don’t realize that being an engineer, for example, is an avenue that they can go down. We’re really trying to have a positive impact on the people that we meet, in particular the youth, and I’m proud of the things we are doing together.”

Johan Jervoe, CMO at UBS, said: “This is a mindset that fits with our own beliefs. Education is critical to inspire and empower young people from any background, thereby helping to forge a more equal society.”

The initiative is part of UBS’s ongoing investment into quality education for young people in the UK. The UBS Community Affairs program in the UK focuses on education and includes co-founding and supporting The Bridge Academy in Hackney since 2003.

UBS has been a proud partner of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team since 2011. The partnership reflects the values UBS shares with the team: a commitment to innovation, talent and teamwork driving performance and success.

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team has also recently increased its commitment to the education of young people, with programs including a partnership with the Mulberry Trust group of schools supporting their STEM education programs with masterclasses, workshops and vocational training creating a pipeline of young and diverse talent from the schools’ East London catchment area.

Hamilton recently announced a partnership with Teach First, which has set out to support the recruitment of 150 Black STEM teachers to work in schools serving disadvantaged communities in England.