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Leclerc-Binotto clash at Ferrari is Fake News

Leclerc-Binotto clash at Ferrari is Fake News Ferrari flags

Yesterday we ran the report: “Ferrari tensions mount as Binotto and Leclerc clash” which according to the Scuderia’s media office is without substance and fake news.

Sourced from an Italian F1 blogger who has previously been first, and correct, with Ferrari related news which we thus ran in good faith. However, the alleged incident did not occur and thus I made incorrect assumptions based on what was not facts which, in retrospect, we should have checked with the team’s media office before going live.

It was pointed out to us by the Ferrari media office that the “so-called argument between Mattia and Leclerc is fake: it has never happened. It’s been reported on his blog by a certain Antonio Granato who has never seen anything (well, it was not possible to see something that never happened), never sought for confirmation, and was not even in Monza.”

The post has been unpublished and redirected to this post. The original source remains here>>>

In our defence, we were promised photo evidence of the altercation, from a separate and unrelated source to the above mentioned, that did not happen between Leclerc and his boss Binotto, which has yet to arrive, and by the sound of it won’t.

Nevertheless, for the inconvenience and pain caused, as Editor, I apologise to Ferrari, Tifosi and our readers for the lapse in judgement which we will do our best to avoid in future.

Please note that this apology was not coerced or forced on us by any means other than an email from the Ferrari media office pointing out the hard truths and leaving it for us to decide how to tackle the ‘fake news’ that crept into our site.

When we’re wrong, we’re wrong.