The Top-10 Dramatic F1 Moments

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Formula One, aka F1, is much more than a sport as it is one of the most popular glamour contests that gives the viewers immense pleasure, thrills, and excitement.

F1 has delivered many historic and spectacular moments that are still printed on the mind of fans. If you are a die-hard fan of F1, then it’s time to recap those moments to make a day.

Top 10 Most Dramatic Formula 1 Moments

Here is the list made by Sbobet bookmaker of the most unforgettable moments that occurred in F1 history. It includes a tough competition between Giles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux, Niki Lauda’s comeback after a tragic incident, and many more.

So, let’s accelerate the vehicle and begin the journey.

F1 | Arnoux Villeneuve

#1. Nail Biting competition between Giles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux, 1979

This memorable moment took place at French Grand Prix, Dijon, in 1979, where two F1 legends Giles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux, fought for the top position by banging wheels and swapping positions. The two laps on this event were ultimate, and the audiences were biting their nails to know who would win the race, and finally, Giles Villeneuve won the championship.

Formel 1, Grand Prix Deutschland 1976, Nuerburgring Nordschleife, 01.08.1976 Niki Lauda, Ferrari 312T2, ,copyright: HOCH ZWEI / Ronco

#2 Return of Nikki Lauda after severe burn

Most of the F1 fans know about the tragic incident that happened in 1976 during German Grand Prix. This incident shook the motorsport world because Nikki Lauda was burned alive, but his fellow drivers saved him.

When Nikki was in the burning car, he inhaled hot gases that damaged his lungs and lost his right ear. The burn was severe, and he was also in a coma, but his strong determination brought him back to the race field.

fangio nurburgring 1957

#3. Fangio dramatical won at German GP in 1957

Fangio is known as the greatest F1 driver of all time, and many incidents proved the same. In 1957 German GP, Fangio was on Maserati 250F to take the challenge with Mike Hawthorn, but the journey was not that simple. Initially, Fangio was in the leading position, but on the 12th lap, he reached the third position, and from this point, it was nearly impossible to reach the top of the chart. But Fangio amazingly drifted the car and reached the first position in no time.

Closest F1 Finish Ever at Italian GP

#4. Closest Finish Ever at Italian GP, 1971

Peter Gethin, a British driver, was in fourth place during the start of the last lap. He knew the rev limit, i.e., 10,500 rpm, but he went to the top speed and reached 11,500. No doubt, that move was dangerous, but Peter Gethin reached the finishing line and defeated Ronnie Peterson by 0.01 sec. Moreover, the time difference among the top 5 racers was 0.61 sec. This race was completely unbelievable and marked the name in motorsport history.

Brabham's Big Push for the Title! |

#5. Empty Fuel amid 59 F1 world championship

This incident shows the hardship, determination and willingness to win the race. Jack Brabham was driving the Cooper T51, and at the last lap, he ran out of fuel. When he saw the other cars were far behind him, he came out of the car and pushed it to reach the finish line. His hard effort brought him to the fourth position, but his exceptional mindset and effort were marked in the F1 history.


#6. Amazing Win of Lewis Hamilton in World Championship, 2008

Sports is an unpredictable game, and anything can happen that can change the scenario. The same things happened in World Championship, 2008, and this time, the pivotal person was Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton was in a good place in the middle of the race and was ahead of Felipe Messa, but suddenly rain started, and the remaining six laps were at a halt. Experts believed that wet tires and wet surfaces might change the scenario, and on the last lap, Glock was ahead of Hamilton, and he failed to get a grip, and Hamilton took it as an advantage and bagged the 2008 World Driver’s Championship.

1997 European Grand Prix

#7. Michael Schumacher’s Dark Side at Spain in 1997

F1 fans know Michael Schumacher very well; he bagged the most championship and stood at the first position in many races, including pole positions, single-season, and many more. He is an outstanding racer, but some fans may disagree because of his other face that audiences witnessed in the Championship in Spain, under the guise of the European.

In 1997, Jacques Villeneuve was ahead of Michael Schumacher, but Michael was trying to kick Jacques out of the race through collision, but this move failed, and Jacques won the race. After the race, many experts stated that Michael’s deliberate move was wrong and was not ethical.

#8. Ayrton Senna’s last race

Ayrton Senna was one of the finest drivers in the F1 car, he was gifted with enormous potential to face any challenges, but one crash in the race ended his life.

On his last race, he ran on the Tamburello bend at 190 mph. Due to high speed at a bend and improper balance, the car skated to the gravel trap and collided with the wall. The car was rebounding in the middle of the track, and that incident shook the sports world. After this incident, news came that Ayrton Senna was no more, and the F1 fans were deeply mourning.

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#9. Nigel Mansell’s presence of mind at F1 Championship in 1986, Adelaide

In 1986, Nigel Mansell got the opportunity to bag the F1 Championship, and after securing the lead of 6 points, he reached the final, and he just needs to reach third place to win the championship.

Mansell is on the half of the race, and only 18 laps were remaining, but his left rear car tire exploded when he was driving at 180 mph. With his exceptional skills and presence of mind, he reached the finish line but failed to get the championship.

2000 F1 Italian Grand Prix: Michael Schumacher bursts into tears ᴴᴰ - YouTube

#10. Michael Schumacher break Ayrton Senna Record

Michael Schumacher reached a milestone by winning the Italian Grand Prix 2000 championship. This win is important because he broke his idol Ayrton Senna, the most wins records.

Even in the press conference, a tearful Michael broke down after achieving this milestone when remembering Ayrton Senna.