The top 10 F1 Drivers of the 2021 season so far

We are already done with the first half of the campaign in 2021. We have been ranking the F1 drivers who participated in various events over the weeks.

Here are the top ten drivers of the F1 season to date:

Sebastian Vettel

As we head into this year’s season, very few drivers will need an amazing year more than Sebastian. Nearly halfway through the year, he has already had one. Back in 2020, most people feared that he was past his best because he struggled to keep up with his machine. However, he has managed to do a lot and hasn’t looked back. His recent emergence in Monaco as he competed in P5 after looking amazing all weekend surprised many. He also conquered chaos and managed to cross the line in the second position. You’ll be surprised to hear that he did the same in Hungary. If he continues performing the way he did, he’ll appear on top of this list faster than you think.

George Russell

By the start of next season, Russell will be a top Mercedes driver due to his performance this year. He has performed so well that he has qualified in making it to Q1 and Q3 a couple of times which is a huge achievement. At this point, he is the best qualifier on the grid since very few years have dominated as much as he has. This season hasn’t been quite perfect for him thanks to the crash with Valtteri Bottas. However, he has managed to build his reputation over the years.

Esteban Ocon

Esteban destroyed his reputation as one of the best FI drivers of all time after he was beaten by Ricciardo last year. However, he managed to reclaim his position thanks to his victory in Hungary. He was lucky in the end. However, he needs to win a lot of races to achieve the heights that he had previously. He drove like a superstar and made a name for himself. So impressive was his performance that he got a new contract. You can build your reputation in the gambling world just like Esteban by looking for the best paying online casino and playing the best titles available.

Fernando Alonso

At the beginning of the year, a lot of people wondered whether Fernando was making a huge mistake going back to F1 due to his age. However, after a few months, no one doubted his abilities. Like joining a new team, he struggled to drive well in the first instances. However, he wasn’t that terrible as he was second best after Esteban. He didn’t manage to be in the top ten for the next two rounds. However, he managed to save his reputation. In all the races that he participated in ever since he managed to finish in the top six. The highlights were stunning. And fans went crazy due to his performance. This player managed to prove to millions that age is just a number.

Charles Leclerc

Leclerc was one of the best-performing drivers last year. He managed to rise despite racing in a poor car. He had a better car at his disposal. However, his Ferrari is a mid-range vehicle. Therefore, having two pole positions and being a few laps away from taking the prize is quite impressive.

Carlos Sainz

The first half of the year would have been amazing had he stayed with Ferrari for years. The event is spectacular because it’s his first season with them. While most drivers struggle to adjust to their new machinery, Carlos did this in no time and went on to compete with Leclerc. He has been improving his performance over the years. He has managed to rise to the top due to consistency.

Pierre Gasly

Pierre had some difficulties back in 2019. However, he managed to recover in 2020. And he has shown the world that he wasn’t a one-time great player. In a vehicle that usually appears sixth or seventh on the list, he made it to the top three.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has faced the biggest threat since he joined Mercedes. His three wins out of the first four races made him popular in the racing world. While he has made several errors in his career, he remains to be one of the best.

Max Verstappen

Max has been performing quite well over the years thanks to his consistency and amazing driving skills. If not for a tire failure in Baku, he would have emerged as one of the best racers.

Lando Norris

Lando Norris has been performing quite well over the years. He has managed to be among the best players with a mid-range car. The only race in which he failed to score as expected was the previous one last year after he was taken out by Bottas.