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Biggest Rising Stars In Formula 1

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Formula 1 attracts millions of viewers globally: the ultimate auto-racing series relies on technological advances and the ultrafast cars they produce, but especially on the talented drivers behind the wheels.

In this article, we will look at the biggest rising stars in F1 that are expected to shape the sport over the next few years.

Top Contenders

With the Formula 1 World Championship underway, in what is already considered as one of the most exciting seasons ever, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen go head-to-head for the world title. Currently, online betting markets price Verstappen as the favourite to win the F1 Driver’s Championship with odds of 4/7.

The online betting tips strongly indicate that the Belgian, notoriously overshadowed over the years by Hamilton’s looming status, is likely to win his first Driver’s Championship.

In our first pick for this list, we will look at a racer who was Verstappen’s partner not so long ago.

Pierre Gasly F1

Pierre Gasly

In 2019, after the departure of Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull Racing, Pierre Gasly was brought in as a replacement to team up with Verstappen. Unfortunately, his rise to the top of the racing world proved to be challenging. The Frenchman was ahead of Verstappen in just one qualifying race and by the summer break, he was only sixth overall with less than half of Verstappen’s points in the Championship.

As a result, he was “relegated” to Toro Rosso, now AlphaTauri, in the middle of the Championship. In the face of adversity, Gasly outdid himself and scored points in the Belgian Grand Prix. It would be the beginning of a journey that would see him come second in the Brazilian Grand Prix, marking the best result for AlphaTauri since 2008.

However, the following season, in an outstanding turn of events, Gasly would secure his first win in F1, winning the Italian Prix. His mental strength and racing skills have generated buzz around his future and whether he’ll join Red Bull’s team.

F1 lando norris mclaren

Lando Norris

An up-and-coming driver, Lando Norris entered the McLaren team in 2019 at 19 years old, replacing Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne. Norris’ first season was somewhat inconsistent, but his sophomore year was much better. He went on to reach the podium in Austria and, alongside Carlos Sainz, helped his team finish the Constructors’ Championship in third place.

In the present season, Norris has stepped up his game, grabbing three podiums, earning 114 points and, at the time of writing, placing fourth overall. At 21 years old, Norris is currently the face of McLaren and is already considered one of the biggest names in F1.

george russell first podium 2021 Belgian Grand Prix

George Russell

George Russell may only be 23 years old, but he’s already considered Hamilton’s successor. After an excellent season in 2020, Russell has been confirmed as Mercedes’ big bet for the next few years in F1. The British driver raced for Mercedes in the penultimate stage last season at the Bahrain International Circuit, leading more than 70% of the race.

His performance has improved in the present season, as he reached his first podium and has earned 13 points so far, ten more than he earned during the entire 2020 season. The biggest challenge for Russell, if he joins Mercedes, will be to prove himself as a worthy successor to Hamilton’s legacy.

Ultimately, these three racers have proven their skills and performed at high levels considering their young age. However, only time will tell if they live up to the expectations currently placed on them.