Todt: Hoping Michael will slowly but surely improve

Michael-Schumacher-and-wife-Corinna parents of Mick

December 29, 2013, is one of the blackest days for Formula 1 fans and the Schumacher family when a skiing accident all but robbed the sport of one of its greatest drivers, but things appear to be improving slowly but surely according to Jean Todt.

Although the skiing accident did not kill the seven-time F1 world champion, it severely altered his life and as a consequence, he has never been seen in public since and there are no known quotes by Schumi who is reportedly cared for 24-7 by a team of medical experts.

FIA president Todt, who presided over Ferrari at the turn of this century when they enjoyed their greatest era in F1, working closely with Schumacher and establishing a deep friendship with the driver and his family.


Todt, who visits Michael regularly, opened up on Schumacher during a recent interview with Bild: “I’ve spent a lot of time with Corinna since Michael had his serious skiing accident. She is a great woman and runs the family.

“She did not expect that. It happened suddenly and she had no choice but she has managed it very well. I trust her, she trusts me.

“Thanks to the work of his doctors and the cooperation of Corinna, who wanted him to survive, he survived with consequences, however, and right now we are fighting the consequences hoping things will slowly but surely improve,” added Todt.

Michael’s son Mick Schumacher made his way to F1 on merit (F3 and F2 titles on his CV) and even without his father’s guidance and mentoring, the 23-year-old Haas rookie has the potential to be in F1 for a long time, but the path has been substantially different to the path his father took.

Todt explained: “Mick is one of those people who always have a special place in my heart and that of my wife Michelle Yeoh. The Schumacher family is very special to us. I wrote a great story with Michael and built a wonderful relationship. And then the children were there.

In contrast to Michael, who ascended the sport with modest means, Mick has not had those hurdles as Todt pointed out: “Mick received a very good education in a more comfortable environment.

“Of course, Michael and Mick are of the same blood and have the same goals, but the conditions were completely different,” added the FIA chief of the Schumacher legacy.