Formula 1 Season 2021

Formula 1 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Formula 1 Season 2021

2020 was a weird year, filled with uncertainties and struggles. However, even with life off-track being hard for fans, they were gifted one of the most entertaining seasons in F1 history.

So, it is only right that the F1 fans expect a similar, if not better, the season in 2021.

The Formula 1 2021 season is currently happening worldwide, with new drivers, changed teams, and a lot of things to talk about. So, what can you expect from this F1 season?

Here is a rundown on the most crucial points.

The F1 Season Won’t Start in Melbourne

If you feel a little less enthusiastic about the F1 season this year than you were in all the previous years, that could be because this is the fourth time since 1996 that the season hasn’t opened in Melbourne.

The race that was scheduled for an earlier date was rescheduled to a later timeslot on the calendar, November 18-21. So, what prompted this schedule change?

The primary reason for the postponement was that the F1 didn’t or couldn’t stick to 14 days of the quarantine period for its 1,200 crew members. This is the third time a race has been pushed to a later time slot on the calendar. The previous rescheduling happened in 2006 due to Commonwealth Games and in 2010 when it came after Bahrain.

Obviously, we shouldn’t forget the previous year’s race that was called off only hours before the first practice session. This eventually upset fans, who created a stir outside the gates.

australian grand rpix cancelled

Where Will the Races Happen?

In 2020, races had to be cancelled in 13 countries due to the coronavirus pandemic. This included Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, China, Azerbaijan, France, Monaco, Brazil, Japan, the USA, and the Netherlands.

This resulted in the race schedules in Austria, Silverstone, and Bahrain being bolstered by double-headers. Additionally, a last-minute rescheduling resulted in races being added to the famous Portimao circuit in Portugal and the glorious Mugello and Imola circuits in Italy.

Now in 2021, alongside the high-speed Imola (round three) and Portimao (round four), many circuits that were excluded last year will be added to the calendar. Nonetheless, the Hanoi Street circuit in Vietnam is still put on ice.

Another exciting news the F1 season puts forward is that the Zandvoort circuit will host a Dutch Grand Prix after a long gap of 36 years. Furthermore, the first-ever visit to Saudi Arabia’s stunning Jeddah Street Circuit will only happen in the second last race of the season.

Haas Could be Hated This Season

First things first, the reason behind Haas garnering hate hasn’t got anything to do with Mick Schumacher.

After winning the F2 series in 2020, the legend Michael’s 21-year-old son will get his shot in an F1 car this year. And according to BBC, Schumacher is quite happy about Haas bringing back the Schumacher name into F1. He also stated that he isn’t pressured about his record in the junior categories, where he secured the F3 and F2 world titles.

For older fans, the comeback of Schumacher’s name on the grid will be exciting. Nevertheless, Haas sure is projected to struggle towards the back of the grid.

mick schumacher 2021 Haas F1

Will Daniel Ricciardo be Able to Perform Well?

The early signs prove that this season will be fruitful for McLaren, particularly since he featured strong testing runs high on pace and performance. This year, McLaren’s ultimate aim is to finish third in the constructor standing, right behind Red Bull and Mercedes. He indeed looks well placed to achieve this.

However, it will be a huge challenge to make it to the top with a stellar driver line-up of midfield competitors who hold seven world championships combined.

The Big Question, Who Will Win?

It would take a person all his might to wager against Mercedes winning its eighth consecutive constructor title and Lewis Hamilton winning a record-breaking eighth individual crown. Nevertheless, early signs and sports odds show that not everything is going as planned in the Mercedes garage—poor handling and gearbox issues were reported during their session in Bahrain.

On the other hand, Red Bull appears to be a strong contender, translating to Max Verstappen having his best chance of walking away with the title.