Rosberg: They should put Gasly in the Red Bull next year

hungarian-gp-gallery rosberg says gasly is right driver for Red Bull

While the Formula 1 world waits on who will be Lewis Hamilton’s teammate next year, also in the headlines now, thanks to Nico Rosberg, is an alternative teammate for Max Verstappen.

While Hamilton has Valtteri Bottas on wingman duty since he joined the team in 2017, the Finn is fast running out of reasons to be retained by Mercedes as George Russell marks time at Williams.

At Red Bull, they seek a strong number two for peerless Verstappen. They tried Pierre Gasly and he failed. They tried Alex Albon, failed too. Hence they went the safe route and opted for Sergio Perez.

The Mexican has been better than his predecessors but has yet to fully convince, he needs the second half of this season to be less incident prone to consolidate himself in the team beyond this season. He has work to do.

Meantime, Rosberg suggests Gasly is the go-to guy for the Bulls: “The way he is performing at the moment, they should put him in the Red Bull next year. The problem is that they have this worry that he is maybe not able to deal with those pressure situations.”

Without the “pressure” mentioned, Gasly has been right up there with Perez, in the Red Bull, and lies eighth in the championship, second-best of the rest behind Lando Norris.

Providing insights only one with his pedigree can offer, delivering it all with good-humoured enthusiasm, Rosberg said on Sky F1: “In AlphaTauri at the moment, there is no pressure, his team-mate is away from him, he can be a team leader in an easy way.

“If you go as a team-mate to Max Verstappen, that is like the toughest situation to be in in the whole of Formula 1. That is why Red Bull has such difficulty in answering and that is the problem with choosing him and making it so difficult.

“It is phenomenal how Red Bull is throwing in these incredible drivers that Max Verstappen has as team-mates and no one can ever get with five-tenths of a second per lap. At one point we have to say this: Verstappen is just absolutely phenomenal,” added Rosberg.

Gasly on the other hand, for reasons only bosses (Helmut Marko?) may know, is not a candidate for the seat which suggests that despite the good showing for AlphaTauri so far this season, Red Bull seem unlikely to listen to Rosberg’s suggestion for the 25-year-old Frenchman.

Final word on Gasly to Helmut Marko,. the team’s driver puppet master: “He is definitely driving his strongest season. And as team leader, he is extremely important for AlphaTauri, the team has become a top team in midfield.

“To clarify: We have an optional contract on Gasly’s services until 2023, which we will also use. All other rumours are nonsense,” insisted the Red Bull F1 consultant.