Verstappen gets a new PU without a grid penalty

red bull verstappen

Red Bull and Honda have decided to change Max Verstappen’s power unit ahead of today’s 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix, after a glitch was found in the engine that survived the huge impact at Silverstone two weeks ago.

Also changed were the turbo, the exhaust system, MGU-H and MGU-K  on the Red Bull RB16B of the championship leader but because the replacement parts are identical, Verstappen will not suffer a grid drop.

A few hours before the start, Honda confirmed: “During post-qualifying checks we noticed something on Max’s PU which might have developed over the course of the weekend, likely to be an after-effect of the Silverstone crash.

“We have therefore changed it for a new PU of the same specification. According to the regulations, Max is allowed to start from his third position on the grid with no penalty incurred.”

This will be Verstappen’s third PU of the season, the limit under the regulations. The use of a fourth PU will mean a ten-place grid drop. Today he will start from third on the grid, directly behind the Mercedes title rival Lewis Hamilton.

While the new PU will give Red Bull and their star driver peace of mind for the race, before that the installation laps prior to the start at Hungaroring will be nerve-wracking for the team that is looking for a world title for the first time since 2013.