The Different Types Of Casino Offers

The online gambling business is growing big time thanks to various characteristics that make it more attractive than traditional casinos. Some of these include everyday availability and game diversity, but many players appreciate one thing the most – interesting casino offers.

When you enter a real-world casino, you probably do not expect to get anything for free because that’s not how traditional gambling outlets function. That’s not the case with online platforms as they come up with multiple bonuses and promo offers in order to generate new registrations.

So let’s dig deeper and see how different types of casino offers really work!

Free trial bonuses

We have a lot of casino offers to discuss here, but it all starts with free trial bonuses. You probably know what it means – a casino gives you a free trial bonus without any depositing requirements whatsoever. You are free to use the bonus with no strings attached.

Welcome bonuses

Number two is where the best uk casinos try to show how generous they really are. An online casino welcome offers list is long and distinguished, while players also know it as the signup bonus.  It usually functions two ways – as a cash bonus or a percentage bonus. The former is straightforward as you get to receive money on your account as soon as you sign up. The latter goes like this – if a signup percentage bonus is 200%, the casino will add 200% worth of your own deposit to the account.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are similar to welcome bonuses, but they can pop up anytime during your online casino activity. For instance, a platform may offer to increase your next deposit by 50%. That way, they encourage you to place a new deposit, while you get additional funds to gamble with.

No-deposit bonuses

The next offer represents the exact opposite of deposit bonuses. Namely, no-deposit bonuses end up in your pocket even if you don’t want to invest money in virtual gambling. All it takes is to sign up and utilize the offer. However, almost every gambling platform adds multiple conditions that have to be fulfilled if you want to withdraw money from your account.

Deposit method bonuses
Online casinos are quick to embrace all sorts of new technologies and payment methods. They even promote certain payment channels, so sometimes you can bump into deposit method bonuses. For example, a new casino may be focused on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this case, users who pay with digital coins will get a more generous bonus than those who stick to traditional means of payment.

Free spins

In case you are a fan of online slot machines, this is the kind of bonus you are looking for. Free spins are very simple – instead of receiving money, you get free spins to play with. The number of free spins varies drastically based on many parameters, including payment requirements. It can be anything from 10 to 100 or even 200 free spins, so think twice before placing a deposit.

Cashback bonuses

Even elite gamblers lose money from time to time, so it’s good to have a thing like a cashback bonus to help you recover. No casino will ever give back 100% of your loss, but sometimes they will offer something like 30% or 40% cashback. For example, there can be a 30% cashback bonus applying to the last week’s games.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses are not too common, but they do appear occasionally. Here’s how it functions – a casino announces that every deposit on a given day will be rewarded with an additional 50%. In other words, a casino will give you $50 if you reload your account and deposit $100.

Referral bonuses

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and online casinos know they have to appreciate it. This is exactly why some of them provide users with referral bonuses for new players who sign up based on their peers’ invitations. In case you convince a friend to join the party, you might as well earn $200 or more.

The Bottom Line

Online gambling is like real-world gambling with a simple tweak. The games are more versatile and casinos reward players with many promo offers and bonuses. The best players pay special attention to casino offers because it helps them make the most of gambling while investing minimally.

Our post is supposed to help you understand the most frequent types of online casino bonuses and make it easier for you to choose the finest options. Are you ready to give it a try?


Chris Bell is a professional blogger who lives and breathes sports betting and online casinos. He is a game expert and knows pretty much everything about slots. He writes blog posts about virtual gambling, but his true passions are literature and classical music.