2016 British Grand Prix Silverstone 7-10-2016 8-48-02 PM

Silverstone happy to run two races if asked by F1

2016 British Grand Prix Silverstone 7-10-2016 8-48-02 PM

Silverstone chief Stuart Pringle and his team are happy to host a second Grand Prix, as they did last year, if more rounds drop off this year’s Formula 1 calendar because of COVID-19.

With the likes of Singapore, Canada and Australia dropped, uncertainty remains with regards to the latter half of the season as the global virus spreads uncertainly and with little warning.

PA report that Silverstone managing director Pringle has raised the possibility of a second Formula 1 race taking place at the venue.

A record-breaking crowd of more than 140,000 spectators are expected on Sunday after the British government provided the green light for circuit organisers to sell out for the entire July 16-18 weekend.

Pringle confirmed the event is set to be at capacity for all three days, paving the way for the largest UK crowd of the Covid-19 era and setting the stage for a possible second race. Last year F1 ran back to back races at the legendary circuit, the other under the guise of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

A second race is again a viable short-notice option should another round drop off the 2021 Formula One World Championship calendar

Ahead of the forthcoming British Grand Prix this weekend, Pringle said: “If we can help by having a race later in the season then we would be delighted to assist.

“Formula 1 deserves remarkable credit that they completed 17 races last year – the only global sport to have achieved such a feat – and I hope they can complete the calendar again.”

As for race two at his venue this season, Pringle revealed: “We have not been asked, and it is not a conversation that I have prompted, but if us hosting another race gets the championship to a sensible level, then, of course, we will help.

“We are far from alone in being an events business which is not capable in surviving two full summer seasons without paying spectators, and for Silverstone that has to include the British Grand Prix because it is by far our biggest event. It had to happen or the country was at risk of losing one of its important national sporting assets.

“The Government recognised the opportunity that a British Grand Prix running in front of a full house presented. There will be one hundred million eyes around the world on Silverstone next weekend and it will show Britain off at its absolute best,” predicted Pringle.

Notably, this year’s title contenders, Englishman Lewis Hamilton and Dutchman Max Verstappen each won a race at Silverstone last season, with the Mercedes’ world champion triumphing in the British edition and the Red Bull ace winning the 70th Anniversary GP.