40 Million People in the UK Are Gambling Online Every Year


It is estimated that almost 40 million UK accounts were opened or remained active last year. A large portion of the population now takes to the internet to do some form of gambling at some stage during the year.

From online poker to sports betting and video slots and bingo, there are loads of different forms of online gambling receiving attention in the UK.

The following article will explore some statistics surrounding online gambling in the UK and dive deeper into what people are wagering their money on.

UK Gambling Statistics

The online gambling sector is the quickest-growing casino sector on the planet. This is much the same case in the UK where British online casinos are thriving as well as other mediums of online gambling.

Research suggests that almost 50% of UK residents gamble in any given month. The UK gambling industry is reportedly worth just under £15 billion each year and over a third of that is directly from online gambling.

Gambling has been traditionally seen as an older person’s activity but in the UK this notion is turned on its head. Statistics show that people between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most popular demographic for participating in online gambling with almost 25% of that group gambling online each month.

Meanwhile, people between the ages of 35 and 54 make up just over 20% of monthly online gamblers. Across the nation, approximately 45% of people in the UK gamble every month.

How Are People Gambling Online in the UK?

Online Casinos

The most popular way in which people gamble in the UK and across the world is through online casinos. These platforms have a lot of variety and offer many different games.

Online table games like blackjack and poker are very popular and even have their own platforms sometimes. There are a variety of different versions for these games including live dealer games. These sorts of games are ubiquitous across online casinos and you can find them on any trusted casino sites.

Another very popular type of game at online casinos is video slots. There is an enormous range of video slot games in every theme imaginable. Top developers release a new game every month and these games could land you life-changing jackpot wins if you’re lucky enough. Look out for progressive jackpots that can span across multiple games and sites for even bigger potential wins.

Lastly, games like online bingo are very popular in the UK. These can be found on online casino sites or on their dedicated sites and can also be played with a live dealer. Bingo is an easy game to get into and is particularly popular with the female demographic.


The other major online gambling sector in the United Kingdom is sports betting not on Gamstop. Sportsbooks get a lot of attention particularly in the build-up and during major sporting events like the Euros.

Loads of different sports are covered from football to cricket and tennis. Live in-play betting increases the excitement of these sporting events and the possibility to cash out gives bettors even more control. Recently, eSports have been gaining momentum and many markets are now available to bet on these events too.

Why is Online Gambling Becoming More Popular?

More Affordable

Online gambling eliminates the need to travel and with that the cost of getting anywhere. Brick-and-mortar establishments can be difficult to get to particularly for those who live in rural areas. As such, online gambling provides a nice alternative that can be played wherever you are.

Other expenses like food and drink costs are also cut down on as well the various other extras that are presented to you in a physical establishment. Low minimum deposits and profitable offers make online casinos the more economically viable options when it comes to deciding between in-person and online gambling.


The convenience of gambling from the comfort of your own sofa is hard to beat. Being able to win money from any location provided you have a stable internet connection is an intriguing prospect for many. There’s no waiting around and no queuing to get to your favourite games with an online platform, simply show up and get started.

The flexibility of being able to play on your phone, tablet, or laptop/PC is something that brick-and-mortar venues cannot offer. Real cash prizes can be won in minutes online and all of this can be done privately.

Changes in Government Legislation

Gradually online gambling has become more acceptable in both the UK and worldwide. The introduction of regulators and licensing bodies has helped convince some governments to become more lenient and accept online gambling as a legitimate industry.

These changes have naturally led to more people taking it up and the popularity increasing over time. The UK government has helped grow the industry whilst making sure it remains regulated and fair.

Gaming Library Variety

Online platforms have the ability to offer enormous gaming catalogues that brick-and-mortar casinos struggle to rival. It is hard to find the variety on offer in any physical location which convinces many to gamble online instead of going to a brick-and-mortar establishment.

What’s more, the latest technological advancements and graphics help give these games an edge and give players plenty to choose from. This means that online gamblers can find games to suit their individual tastes and preferences.

Bonuses and Promotions

You may be able to get bonuses and promotions at land-based casinos and sportsbooks but the offers online are unrivalled. There are sign-up offers with virtually every platform and first deposit offers to boot. Have a look around and find which sign-up offers suit you and your preferences best.

In addition, VIP clubs and returning perks make gambling online at these platforms rewarding and worth continuing. You can sign up for multiple platforms and benefit from a whole array of top offers including cash back, matched deposits, and free spins among many more great incentives and prizes.