Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Sports Betting Site in Australia

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Sports betting is fast, fun, and easy to do – when you find the right betting partner. With sports betting on the rise in Australia and more ways to place a bet, there are countless options to choose from.

Where do you go to bet your hard-earned cash? Don’t lose time weighing up the options for the ideal sports betting site. Quickly find your preferred website by following these top tips.

What to Consider When Picking an Australian Betting Site

The right sports betting site is a personal choice, and it depends on your needs and preferences. There really isn’t a wrong way to pick a site – as long as you choose a legitimate, legal site – but there will be betting sites that are more suited to your tastes and requirements than others.

To help you narrow-down a wide range of options, try thinking about the following factors that influence your choice.

Betting Site Availability

Sports betting is a global phenomenon but that doesn’t mean anyone can use any site to place bets or win money. Certain sites only operate in certain jurisdictions. Where you are in the world affects the legality of sports betting and what you can bet on. Not every site is available for everyone, so check the availability limits when you first look at the site. For Australian sports betting, check the Australian sites that deal with sports in this country, and which make it easy to place bets and withdraw winnings in your own currency.


The great news for betting fans is you don’t have to stick with the standard bets anymore. Every site will offer the regular markets, but you can also find other options. Nowadays in Australia you can place a wager on pretty much anything concerned with the game or fight. You can have a lot of fun with this, so choose a site that doesn’t restrict your options.

Customer Support Services

You probably don’t consider customer service when you are first placing bets. You’re only interested in the odds and the betting. But what happens if you have a problem? A sterling betting site offers excellent customer service to iron out any issues. If you bet with a site that doesn’t respond to your requests or queries, you’ll probably go elsewhere.


Some people like a plain and simple betting site with the minimum of fuss. Others like all the bells and whistles including live streaming and in-action comments. There’s also a happy medium with sites offering betting bonuses and games while remaining relatively low-key. Look for extras like bet builders or personalised bets, statistics, blogs, and in-play betting. In-play betting is not to everyone’s taste, but it has taken the gambling world by storm and is worth a try. Look at blogs for a quick rundown of features; for example, 5-star pokies reviews loads of betting websites.

Sports Coverage

You may have mainstream tastes or your preferences could be more niche. Whatever, just make sure you find a sports betting site that caters for your sport. A site with a wide variety of sports gives you plenty of options. Even if you’re a one-sport betting machine, it never hurts to have an alternative for when yours is off-season. You’ll also get a broader understanding of odds and betting terms when you work with a variety of sports.

In-Play Betting

As described above, in-play or live betting has revolutionised the sports betting world. You can bet on any game even when it has started. The odds move depending on what happens, and you get a real sense of excitement and involvement in this type of wager. Not all sites offer this facility, but most are moving towards including it in the future.

Mobile Sports Betting

Don’t let your location stop you from placing a bet. Whether you are on business or on the train, take out your phone and check the odds. Pick a site with mobile betting capabilities or a sports betting mobile app to enhance your opportunities. Make sure that the site works well on mobile devices. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow site or something you can’t load.

Betting Odds

The nicest-looking site in the world is worth nothing if the odds are consistently poor. If you can get any kind of edge by picking a site by its odds, do it. The margins in sports betting are notoriously fine. Compare odds between several sites before you decide.

Payment and Withdrawal Options

Choose a site where you can easily add money and – most important – easily take it out. Because who wants to bet with a site where you wait months for your money to make its way into your wallet? Look for a website with different banking options including credit cards and debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

Rewards and Promotions

You’re probably not going to become rich through promos and benefits, but they are a nice addition to a site. Check for specific bonuses that will be useful to you, like offers on your favourite sport. There are also loyalty schemes to reward you for your custom. But some sites don’t offer any bonuses – they make their product do the talking. Not all rewards are worth it, and some scam sites use fake bonuses to lure people in.

Ease of Use

You need something fit for purpose. Betting sites should be smooth, easy to use, and efficient. You need to be able to place a bet exactly when you want – you do not want to miss a chance because the website fails to load. Choose a site where you can find what you want in seconds and make a swift in-play bet with ease.

Final Words on Choosing a Betting Site

Know what you need from a sports betting site. For example, think whether in-play betting is important to you, or whether you need a focus on a specific sport. Write down your wish list if it makes it easier. Check the payment and withdrawal methods so that they suit your financial situation. Look at the operating jurisdictions for the site and legality of gambling in Australia. Check out the bonuses and offers but don’t be blindsided by them. Bigger bonuses do not necessarily equal better sites. The flashiest sites don’t always offer the most value. And remember, it’s not the end of the world if you first pick the wrong one. Simply choose again!