F1 Game photo 2017

F1 Games Any F1 Fan Can Enjoy

F1 Game photo 2017

You can’t deny the fact that there are some beautiful cars in existence. Some of them are pretty fast as well, but none of them are as fast as F1 engines.

These cars race at super speed and go lap after lap which has the public in a frenzy.

They just can’t wait to find out which one ends up first and if their favourite takes this spot. In other words, F1 Grand Prix events are pretty exciting which is why game developers were inspired to bring that feeling to your home. As an F1 fan, you’ll get all the fun out of a race and none of the injuries. In that regard, here are some titles you should consider playing:

Grand Prix Legends

To start this list here’s a pretty old title you can enjoy on your PC. It’s a game that’s inspired by the Grand Prix movie which centers around the 67 Grand Prix season.

This was a time where you didn’t get any fancy wheels or other gear that could help you win a race. It’s a tough game that any F1 fan will appreciate. Although it’s pretty old, it gives players a realistic view of races back in those days.

The thing about F1 racing is that they’re supported by lots of online sportsbooks. These sites offer a variety of bets bettors can place. They can visit various sites and see the latest online betting odds that these sites have to offer. The main thing about enjoying these sites is to do so responsibly.

Grand Prix World

There are many simulator games available nowadays, and Grand Prix World is one of them. As you might have guessed, this is an F1 simulator. Instead of getting in your formula, you take a back seat and work behind the scenes. You play the role of a manager which is why you’ll need to make important decisions as you invest in the different departments of the game. The right decisions will help propel you to greatness while the wrong ones will set you back. So, learn from your mistakes and become the top Grand Prix manager!

F1 2020

This is the latest F1 game available on the market which is why it stands out from the rest. Smooth mechanics and next-gen graphics are things that this game provides.

Also, you have the My Team feature which lets you create your own team and join the F1 races. You’ll get to customize your car, pick out your first and second drivers, and so on. In short, F1 2020 is a superb title that any F1 fan will enjoy.

F1 Race Stars

If you’re looking for something that’s not as realistic as the previous entries, then you can give F1 Race Stars a try.

This is an F1 game that’s pretty fun to play as it takes inspiration from Mario Kart for the way it looks. There’s a fictional all-female team and each driver looks different and has unique abilities. All in all, it’s a great F1 game.