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Monte Carlo: Why we Love it

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Back in 1929 Motor Sport described the new Monte Carlo track as ‘extremely tricky’ and almost a hundred years later that description still applies to the world’s most iconic street circuit.

Even if the harbour water is better screened and the tramlines have long gone the still twisting course of the Primcipality’s roads which are lined with unforgiving walls and dangerous twists and turns still represent one of racing’s greatest tests for racings greatest drivers.

Monte Carlo is and enduring race track with drivers reveling in the challenge it presents even if the shape of it has changed little since 1029 (although some minor modifications have altered it somewhat throughout its history) The race lap record is held by Max Verstappen who took the title from Michael Schumacher in 2018.

Those names that dominate the list of the most successful drivers at the prestigious Monaco event are led by Ayrton Senna who was the only Formula 1 diver to win there between 1989 and 1993.

Other Monaco Masters include:-

• Mechael Schumacher and Graham Hill both have five wins under their belts.
• Alain Prost is one behind with four wins to his name

Monte Carlo has a status as a hub for the rich and famous and besides the excitement of the race course there are other attractions that are frequented on a regular basis by celebrities and high rollers.

The Casino de Monte Carlo is perhaps one of Monaco’s most famous attractions – if not its most well known and this iconic building still draws in those that enjoy a taste of casino action in surroundings that are seconded to none.

If having a bet or wager is not your thing that is not a reason to forgo a visit to the Casino de Monte Carlo if you get the chance as it is not world famous by accident. The venue is breathtakingly beautiful feeling and looks like a Renaissance or Victorian era palace in some areas, the Atrium, the in-house opera theater, and Salle des Ameriques where some of the American style games are played include fantastic ornamentation, furnishings to die for and mind-blowing architecture aplenty.

The gaming areas are decorated a little more simply with the casino having a large and attractive slot floor with many popular themes to choose from. For those games that require a dealer then players won’t be let down as of course, one of the most famous casinos in the world employs some of the best dealers in the world.

From being used as a film set for movies like GoldenEye, Ocean’s Twelve and Never Say Never Again the Casino de Monte Carlo is a magical place to visit.

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