Portuguese Grand Prix track limits to be defined by kerbs

Formula 1 will be enforcing track limits at the Portuguese Grand Prix with the edge of the track defined by the kerbs instead of the white line around the circuit.

The change comes following the 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix in which 125 laps were deleted in the first two practice sessions alone, most notably at Turn 1 and 4.

In response, F1 changed the manner in which track limits were monitored at these corners as drivers were deemed to have left the track if they ventured beyond the red-and-white kerbs on corner exit. This change will be maintained for 2021.

The stewards will also be monitoring track limits at Turn 15, the long, sweeping final corner, with the race director’s notes specifying: “A driver will be judged to have left the track is no part of the car remains in contact with the track”.

The punishment for exceeding track limits at Turn 15 is an invalidated lap with the subsequent lap also to be ruled out.

Exceeding track limits more than three times in the race will result in a driver being shown the black and white flag with further incidents reported to the stewards.