Fan Facts about Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Monza Italian Grand Prix

More than 500-million people always tune in to watch Formula 1, this year the Grand Prix returns to Italy and fans of the sport can’t wait to see records being smashed and new ones set.

The Italian Grand Prix will take place on 12th September 2021. The race will cover a 5.793-kilometre stretch and over 53 laps. With the date set, it means Grand Prix punters in Norway could use Nordickod to place bets on the big event.

Monza Grand Prix Circuit Dates Back to 1922

Italy’s Grand Prix at Monza has a rich history in the history of the sport. It is where Italy first hosted the event in 1922. At that time, the ground was a stretch of 10km and had a 5.5km section which has been reduced to a loop of 4.5km.

In the 1950s, the 10km stretch hosted four races but due to safety concerns after many fatal accidents, it was reduced to a shorter stretch. Many other modifications to the layout have also taken place over the years to reduce GP speeds. Also, remember to check the 2021 season preview and stay updated about upcoming F1 events.

Monza Hosted One of the Closest F1 Finish In 1971

You have probably read watched hotly contested Formula 1 events but the 1971 event at Monza remains the closest finish ever. While the record was later broken in 2003, the 1971 F1 at Monza saw competitor Peter Gethin cross the finishing line 0.01 seconds before rival Ronnie Peterson. Something even more interesting is that only 0.61 seconds separated the first five cars in the 1971 Monza Grand Prix.

Monza Sits on Europe’s Largest City Parks

Formula 1 is known to draw large crowds of spectators and Monza is among the largest F1 grounds. The size of the ground that will host the Italian F1 Grand Prix in 2021 is popular among Ferrari supporters. While it can stand a capacity of 50,000, the ground can accommodate slightly over 100, 000 F1 fans if we include the general admission sections.

Monza Circuit Hosts the Shortest F1 Race Time

Even with reduced distance over the years due to speed concerns, the Monza circuit hosts the shortest races in the calendar of Formula 1. Due to the high speed often registered at Monza, the race time is slightly above 75 minutes. The highest speed ever recorded was in the 2004 Monza circuit when Juan Pablo Montoya recorded 262.242 kmh/162.9mph in average speed. Drivers can reach well over 350 kmh on Monza’s long straights.

Lewis Hamilton Has the Most Win at Monza after Michael Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton has had an illustrious F1 career and some of his incredible feats have been at Monza Grand Prix. With the British driver set for a new challenge for his 8th title in F1 in 2021, his success at Monza Grand Prix is worth noting.

In 2018, Lewis Hamilton equalled a long standing F1 record at the Monza circuit when he bagged his fifth title on the ground. Only Michael Schumacher, regarded as a German F1 legend, has recorded such many wins at Monza. Hopefully, someone will break the record soon.