seidl, mclaren

Seidl: I’m confident we’ll find a solution on sprint races

seidl, mclaren

Andres Seidl is confident that the 10 Formula 1 teams will come to an agreement on sprint races before the end of the race weekend in Bahrain.

The introduction of a sprint qualifying race on certain Grand Prix weekends was supposed to be agreed upon before the start of the season.

However, talks are said to have stalled, with teams still divided over the “level of financial compensation for potential extra costs due to crash damage”.

Asked about the progress of talks, Seidl said: “There’s a lot of different ways how you can solve the current discussions. As always, it’s not that easy to get opportunistic teams and everyone on the same page, but I’m confident we will find a solution during this weekend and then simply we can go ahead and focus on the implementation of it.

“We have an agreement with Formula 1 that this is down to them to communicate. There is communications and discussions we’re having there at the moment. Again, we like the proposals which are on the table and would support them.”

Under the proposal, qualifying would shift to Friday, with a sprint race taking place on Saturday in order to set the grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix. Points could be awarded for top finishers in the sprint race.

If agreed to, the sprint races would likely take place at three race weekends this season.